Obama wanted to vote in favor of lifting the embargo, but couldn’t


Barack Obama is finally realizing how hard it is to deal with criminal dictators like the Castro brothers.

No matter how many concessions Obama makes, the Castros are unwilling to accommodate him.

On Tuesday, the United States was forced to vote against the lifting of what little remains of the embargo, even though Obama has said that he wants it lifted and has asked Congress to do so.

This is what the Washington Post reported about yesterday’s UN vote:

“Administration officials had indicated in recent weeks that they were prepared for the first time to abstain in the vote, provided Cuba altered the wording. Cuba, an administration official said, was unwilling even to discuss the subject.

“Their argument was, ‘You ­haven’t lifted the embargo, so we can’t really change the language,’ ” the official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss diplomatic conversations. “To run the same resolution you always run . . . seemed to us stuck in the past.”

There was a popular song in Cuba back in the 1950s that said:” Bájate de esa nube y ven aquí a la realidad” Step down from that cloud and come back here to reality.

That seems to be the song that the Castro brothers are singing to their new benefactor.  But I doubt that he will listen.

Read the article in The Washington Post

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