Gov. John Kasich On Cuba


Miami CBS4 News asked Ohio Gov. and  presidential candidate John Kasich: “Would you, when you became President, break diplomatic relations with Cuba?”

Kasich: “Well let’s see where we are when I come [into office] and what the administration has done,” he said. “I think [the Obama Administration] made a big mistake because I think Cuba needed to do something [before diplomatic relations was restored last year]. Why are we always reaching out? Why are we always moving? My sense is they haven’t made any compromises; they keep demanding things so I don’t understand what the administration is doing.”

2 thoughts on “Gov. John Kasich On Cuba

  1. Agreed but there isn’t really anything Gov. Kasich can do for the people of Cuba except express his discontent with the way Obama has been handling things. If he becomes President is another matter.

    Help from the outside withered away by the late 1960s. Kennedy and Johnson had already sold out the Cuban people up the river. A push from the inside is really the only way.

  2. governor Kasich will do nothing about Cuba that will END THE TYRANNY OF MORE THAN HALF A CENTURY Cuba will only become a free country when the cuban people INSIDE CUBA take action in a more broader way.

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