20 year anniversary of an act of terrorism that remains unpunished


On February 24, 1996 General Raúl Castro ordered Cuban MiG jet fighters to shoot down two unarmed civilian planes over international waters.

Three young Americans, Mario de la Peña, Armando Alejandre, Carlos Costa and a permanent resident of the United States, Pablo Morales, died as a result of this act of terrorism by the Cuban dictatorship.

Instead of demanding that justice be made, the current president of the United States has rewarded the perpetrators of this terrorist with everything they have demanded in order to continue enslaving the Cuban people.

In addition, as part of the deal he signed with Raúl Castro, President Obama commuted the life sentence of a Cuban spy, Gerardo Hernandez, who had been convicted by a U.S. federal court for murder conspiracy in this act of terrorism.

And next month, Obama will travel to Cuba to be embraced by the same terrorists who ordered this heinous terrorist act.

Incredible, but true.



3 thoughts on “20 year anniversary of an act of terrorism that remains unpunished

  1. Disgraceful to say the least. I understand that the pilot of the MIG fighter that shot down these four brave souls gloated after the murders. That pilot is a coward who will never be a man for the rest of his misbegotten life.

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