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Our stories and photographs have been quoted in articles, newspapers and magazines in the United States, Brazil, Spain and many other countries. The pictures exposing the truth about healthcare in Cuba have appeared coast to coast on ABC 20/20 and on Fox News’sHannity.

Since the Cuban government has kept a strict censorship for the last 57 years and access to the Internet is extremely limited, it is very difficult for people on the Island to let the world know about their daily struggle to survive under a totalitarian dictatorship.

After the United States agreed to re-establish diplomatic relations with Cuba, we have seen a huge propaganda barrage in favor of the Cuban government, bankrolled by business interests who want to invest in the island in disregard of the dismal human rights situation affecting 11 million Cubans.

In order to continue bringing forth the truth and respond to the tsunami of propaganda by the Cuban government, we need your help.

We are seeking to modernize the website, make it more user-friendly and interactive, extend its reach, and publish its complete archives.

Due to the number of photos and documents we have accumulated during the last 11 years, this is a huge and costly endeavor that requires professional support from outsiders.

We have setup a page for those who would like to help: Support

Please help if you can. Any amount ,no matter how small, is deeply appreciated. Thanks!

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