The Obama-Castro press conference


The Obama-Castro press conference in Havana was a bad joke.
Obama welcomed Raul Castro’s criticism about human rights in the US!
Incredible but true.
It was a sad spectacle to see Barack Obama, standing like a statue, being lectured about human rights by a criminal dictator who has been oppressing, torturing and murdering his own people for 57 years!
I had to go vomit and couldn’t watch the end, but I’m sure didn’t miss much.

Here is the criminal who lectured Barack Obama today about human rights, preparing to murder a campesino in the Sierra Maestra:



2 thoughts on “The Obama-Castro press conference

  1. If the president could get out of his limousine and take a little stroll through the crumbling streets of Havana at night, he would see something akin to a Hollywood postapocalyptic urban nightmare scene. The buildings and streets, most all decades old, some many centuries old, are falling apart and yet overflowing, with a population density rivaling Hong Kong’s in the central district. And he would see on the streets at night a virtual plague of prostitution, certainly among the most widespread and aggressive in the entire world.

    He should talk to the Cubans who have the great good fortune of having jobs at the new U.S. Embassy, where they’re paid far more than they could possibly earn in any position outside the embassy walls. Still, nearly all of them, if allowed to speak and act freely, would leave their country for the United States in a heartbeat.

    Indeed, also inside the walls of the embassy, the president could learn how middle-class American Foreign Service officers are able to afford maids and child-care workers who are actually highly trained professionals – Cuban doctors and engineers. They choose to fold laundry and change diapers in the homes of Americans because they are paid 10 times the national average wage to do so.

    Reasonable Americans can debate whether opening relations with Cuba or maintaining the sanctions in place since the Castros took power is the better approach to changing this regime and improving the quality of life of its energetic, proto-entrepreneurial population. But what all reasonable Americans, including our president, can’t help but see in any meaningful consideration of Cuba is the moral urgency of genuine human progress on this essentially captive island.

    Are we Cubans grateful of the U.S. Prsident visiting Cuba? Hell NO!

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