Why many Cuban-Americans oppose Obama’s Cuba policy

People criticize those Cuban-Americans who do not agree with President Obama’s policy about Cuba, of “living in the past” and “not passing the page.”
But what they do not understand is that the same criminals who ordered the mass killings almost 60 years ago, are the same criminals who are still in power oppressing, jailing, torturing and murdering those who oppose the brutal system they imposed, after betraying everything they promised the Cuban people during the fight against Batista.
The criminal sitting with Obama at the baseball game; at the state dinner; the one joking and laughing with him during his visit is the same criminal who ordered mass executions of hundreds of Cubans without the benefit of a trial, the same who in 1996, as head of Cuba’s Armed Forces, ordered to shoot down two small planes flying over international air space killing three American citizens and a legalized American resident.
Just because he now wears a coat and tie doesn’t mean that he has changed. He is the same criminal who orders the weekly beatings of the Ladies in White every Sunday; who keeps 11 million Cubans poor and enslaved; who forces slave doctors to go to remote countries to work and then keeps 90% of the salary he charges in exchange for their services.
It was shameful for Obama to refer to the service provided by the slave doctors as “humanitarian,” when it is Slavery of the XXI Century. Those doctors cannot refuse to go or they will never be able to work again in Cuba, since the state controls all the hospitals and clinics. The contracts for their services are signed by Raúl Castro, as chief slave trader, not by the doctors themselves. The money paid by foreign countries for their services go directly to the Cuban government, who pays the slave doctors only a small portion of what they receive.
This is not a “humanitarian” gesture by Raúl Castro, it is a huge business that brings BILLIONS OF DOLLARS a year to the dictatorship!
For those who do not know who Obama’s new friend really is, here is an article that appeared in LIFE Magazine, on January 26, 1959.

If you want to read the entire article in LIFE and see the photos of Raúl Castro’s mass killing in Cuba click here: Life Magazine


7 thoughts on “Why many Cuban-Americans oppose Obama’s Cuba policy

  1. Young college students have a limited perspective on reality. They believe that their worldviews are the only valid ones. They don’t need to read, study and review before formalizing an opinion, they know it all.

  2. It amazes me that people cannot at least look into a history book and see the effects of communism on countries, i.e., Cuba, China and Russia. Capitalism is not perfect, but it is the lesser of the two evils. At least we have freedom to choose but it is slowly being taken away from us. You cannot dance with the devil and that is what Obama is doing with Castro. We are giving, giving and not getting. I believe the young people are not aware what happened in the 50s and 60s. Why do you thing Cubans left the island? Speak to one who had this bad experience, I did. It will open up your mind. God help this country!

  3. And what are you people who oppose Obama’s policies offering as an alternative. Republicans in Congress can’t even muster the courage to vote on bill, let alone create a solution for Cuba. You so-called believers in “freedom” want to keep an entire country trapped in the past because you hold a grudge against some aging, highly-placed criminals. Hire some investigators and lawyers, then attempt to try the criminals in international court. In the meantime, let THE REST OF CUBA move on into the modern era.

    1. I oppose Obama’s Cuba policy because he has given everything the Castro brothers demanded, without asking anything in return and because as expected, the repression has gotten much worse since December 17, 2014 when Obama announced his new policy.
      His policy will provide billions of dollars to Cuba’s armed forces, the same ones who maintain the dictator in power.
      The armed forces are the owners of most tourist installations in Cuba, including hotels, restaurants, night-clubs, etc.
      I’m not interested in keeping “an entire country trapped in the past” and that is why I oppose Obama’s giveaway to the Castro brothers.
      Nothing will change in Cuba until and unless the internal embargo of the Castro brothers against the Cuban people is lifted, and I don’t expect it to be lifted anytime soon.
      Cuba will not move into the “modern era”, because the dictatorship needs for Cubans to be poor and to depend on them for their survival. That is how the regime maintains control.
      Foreign companies who are entering into a joint venture with the dictatorship cannot even hire any Cuban they want. Their employees will have to be assigned and approved by the government. They cannot just place an ad on the paper like they do in other countries. All media in Cuba is run by the state.

  4. My wife is from Argentina and she has told the horror stories about the 80’s. She keeps telling me it is coming to America. I hope not! I really believe that Trump is our last hope for all Cubans and Americans. Please stand behind Trump no matter what your political views have been in the past. Thanks for the great article. I will post a link every where I go. John aka Juan Motime

    1. Trump is a moron…he will get us in a lot of trouble. I will not vote Republican, but if I had to, I would vote for either Cruz or kasich. Trump is causing division, not peace, I hope the Republicans will refuse to nominate him, and I think if they want to retake the white house they will pick somebody else.

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