Public and legal pressure against Carnival should continue


There are plenty of reasons for the public pressure and the class action suit against Carnival to continue, because American citizens who were born in Cuba continue to be discriminated.
If you are an American citizen who was born someplace else except Cuba, all you need to take a cruise to Cuba is your American passport.
But if you are an American citizen who was born in Cuba, you need to obtain a Cuban passport at a cost of approximately $450 + a Visa, in order to take a Carnival cruise to the enslaved island.
That is discrimination against US citizens based on their country of origin and is against US law.
In addition, Cuba’s ‘constitution’ doesn’t recognize double citizenship. So, if you are an American citizen, it should be against Cuban law for you to be forced to obtain a Cuban passport.
But as we know, in Cuba there are no laws and no Constitution, it is whatever the Castros decide and all they care about is the revenue they will receive by forcing US citizens to buy a Cuban passport in order to visit Cuba.
I hope that the lawyers continue their class action suit and public pressure continues against Carnival for being more interested in making a buck than following US laws.
It is the only way that Cuba’s dictatorship will be forced to do the right thing.
Public and legal pressure forced the Castro brothers to change a ‘law’ that had been in effect for more than 50 years. Such pressure should not be relaxed now, to the contrary it should be increased.

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