What will happen if?


Some questions to ponder about Carnival’s upcoming cruises to Cuba:

What will happen if?
Hundreds of desperate Cubans storm Carnival’s ship while docked at a Cuban port and refuse to leave?

Will Carnival call Castro’s brutal police and ask to remove them by force?

Carnival CEO said on Friday that the cruise line will use Cuban musicians to entertain passengers while in Cuba. What will happen if any of them refuse to leave the ship and ask to be taken out of the country?

Will they be removed by force? Will they be turned over to the US Coast Guard?

Will Carnival be allowed to hire and contract directly the musicians and workers they use while docked at Cuban ports, or will they be supplied by Cuba’s slave masters?

Will Carnival pay them directly or will they pay the Cuban government for their service?

We know what happens when the slave masters get paid directly, 90% goes to them and maybe 10% to the slaves.

There are dozens of more questions that I can think of. Feel free to post the ones you have.

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