After dining on lobster with Castro’s daughter, Spanish singer cancels Miami concert

The Miami Herald

Spanish singer Pastora Soler has suspended her Dec. 1 concert in Miami because of photos showing her dining on lobster in Havana with the daughter of former Cuban ruler Raúl Castro.
“The concert was canceled due to the photos with the Castro family that became public,” a source at the VIP Theater in Miami where the concert was to take place told el Nuevo Herald.
The concert was part of Soler’s international La Calma tour, which she has been promoting with a video posted on social networks.
“The tour will pass through Miami, a place that has given me so much love,” the singer declared before the photos of her dinner with Mariela Castro led to a change in plans.
The singer accompanied several Cuban LGBTI activists Monday for a dinner celebrating the 30th anniversary of the National Center for Sex Education, headed by Mariela Castro. Also at the dinner, overlooking Havana’s seaside Malecón boulevard, was Carla Antonelli, a lawmaker from the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party.
The deputy director of the sex studies center, Manuel Vázquez Seijido, criticized news reports that focused on the food and not the center’s work on behalf of the LGBTI community.
The center, a government entity, has lobbied for a clause in a proposed new Cuban constitution that would legalize same-sex marriage.
Vázquez said lobster was not among Mariela Castro’s “preferred foods,” an argument that failed to dampen criticism of the meal in a country where the average salary barely hits $30 per month.
Soler performed in Havana’s Mella Theater for a gala event also marking the 30th anniversary of the sex studies center, where she was also seen celebrating with Castro.
She posted several tweets marking her stay in Cuba. “From Cuba, a moment I will never forget,” she wrote in one post, which led others on Twitter to post photos of her lobster dinner.
“Thanks for joining those who have destroyed Cuba and killed Cubans by the thousands. You didn’t have to do that,” wrote Rubén Fernández, a Cuban-born Spanish citizen.

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