Antonio Castro bodyguards attacked photographers filming him having dinner at a luxurious restaurant in Turkey

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Antonio Castro, one of the sons of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, got upset when reporters in Turkey were taking photographs, while he was having dinner with a group of friends at a restaurant in Turkey.

Three of his bodyguards attacked photographers from a news agency for filming the younger Castro during his millionaire vacation in Turkey’s resort district of Bodrum on Wednesday, according to the Doğan news agency.
Castro had dinner at a restaurant in Bodrum with 12 friends, including some Turks, on Wednesday night.
As Castro left the restaurant at around 11 p.m., he noticed that he was being caught on camera by a Doğan reporter and went back inside in a rage, according to Doğan.
Castro went hiding in the restaurant’s kitchen for about a half hour before he went out and left the premises in his car, which was brought to the front of the restaurant.
After Castro left the area, a Turk and two Cubans, who were reportedly his bodyguards, punched and threatened the Doğan photographers, attempting to take their cameras.
One of then, Yaşar Anter, sustained a minor injury as a result of being punched.
While the two Cuban bodyguards fled the scene, the Turkish bodyguard, H.K., was briefly detained by the police.
A group of people who accompanied Castro at the restaurant also left in a van.
Castro recently came to Bodrum aboard his multi-million dollar 165 foot yacht from the Greek island of Mykonos and booked five suites at a luxury hotel for himself and those accompanying him.
And there are still ignorant people who think the Castrobrothers made a ‘revolution’ to help the poor!
While the slave workers in Cuba make an average of $20/month, the Castros live a luxurious life comparable with that of the world’s richest billionaires.
And all their money comes from dealing in stolen properties, drug trafficking, money laundering and slave trading of Cuban professionals for hard currency.

The Castros use Cuba as if it was their own farm and the 11 million Cubans as their peons.

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4 thoughts on “Antonio Castro bodyguards attacked photographers filming him having dinner at a luxurious restaurant in Turkey

  1. What is really upsetting is seeing that Castro’s bodyguards are able to threaten and beat reporters in Turkey like they do in Cuba.
    There is no excuse for not having arrested that thug who hit and threatened a photographer that was just doing his job.
    The photographer didn’t go inside the restaurant, he didn’t interrupt Castro’s dinner, he didn’t do anything that would be considered wrong or illegal.
    Shame on Turkish authorities for allowing foreign thugs to beat Turkish citizens who were just doing their job.

  2. A few years ago, Raul Castro’s granddaughter Vilma Rodriguez Castro was seen partying in Manhattan like it was 1959…strange…her grandfather, his brother, and that weasel Che Guevara wanted Khrushchev to obliterate N.Y.C. into a flaming pile of ashes in a preemptive nuclear strike.

    Partying in Manhattan… Viva la Revolucion! You bet…

  3. Too often in our societies, which value more what people have than what people are, money can get people to be complacent to corruption, and even crimes for the sake of profit and greed. Antonio Castro. The son of Fidel Castro, is enjoying the “life style of the rich and famous” with blood money stolen from their people.

    Turning a blind eye on the most basic morality for the sake of commerce and greed should not be legal either in Turkey, Greece or anywhere else. We are, as a global community, rewarding a criminal, the son of a dictator which should be prosecuted instead of living a life of luxury built on the suffering of their people. But unfortunately “money talks” and buys silence if not respect from countries such as Greece and Turkey.

    A 165 Foot Yacht is just a toy (Guessing anywhere between 10 to 15 Million US but which is also available for charter around 40 to 50 Thousand a day) while entertaining a group of people at a plush restaurant Antonio Castro (The Communist) is just one more in a long list a thieves, murderers and enslavers to enjoy the fruit of their labor.

    Can the US State Department explain to me how they see these people as worthy of recognition?

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