More poverty than ever before

Many Castro apologists try to justify the poverty in Cuba saying that you can find the same poverty in many other countries. But what these people do not say is that those other countries didn’t have to suffer a so called ‘robolution’ that caused tens of thousands of deaths, millions of refugees, the loss of all liberties, and that all of that supposedly was needed in order to improve the life of ALL citizens.
After more than 56 years, there is much more poverty in Cuba than ever before.
Except for Castro and his gang who are the new millionaires, the 11 million Cubans have to suffer the exploitation of the omnipotent state, rationed food, lack of housing and the indignity of being second class citizens in their own country.

What the Castro brothers have established in Cuba is XXI Century Slavery. Workers are shipped all over the world, and if they refuse to go they cannot find work in Cuba because everyone works for the state.

Countries pay the Castro brothers for each doctor, engineer, or regular worker that is sent to do the work that locals refuse to do because it is in remote areas away from civilization, or in high crime areas. The countries pay the Castro brothers directly and they pay the slave workers a small percentage of what they receive.

All employment contracts are signed between the slave masters, the Castro brothers, and the countries where the slaves are going to work.

According to NationMaster, a website that compiles all kind of statistics around the world, Cubans have the lowest average disposable salary of the 176 countries listed. Lower than Nepal, Cambodia, Gambia, Samoa and 175 other countries!


And the worse part is that in 1958, before the Castro brothers took power, an industrial worker in Cuba received an average of $6 for each 8-hour workday. Only workers in 7 countries had a higher average than those in Cuba.  And the average farm worker was getting $3 per 8-hour workday, the number six in the world!

But incredibly enough, there are some Latin American countries that want to copy this failed and obsolete system and there are even some ignorant Americans who claim that we should imitate some of the things that Castro has done!

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    1. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton real interest, in my opinion, is in making money off the racial problems in the US. I don’t believe they are genuinely interested in the welfare of Afro-Americans.
      In Cuba, we have had real Black leaders like Dr. Elías Biscet, Jorge Luis Garcia Perez “Antunez”, Guillermo Fariñas and many others, who have spent years in jail and some, like Orlando Zapata, have even lost their lives for opposing the racist regime in Cuba.


  1. Miles- You obviously have no clue.
    As Gutset noted, talking about cost of living in Cuba is silly. Moreover, how can you make any accurate comparison about cost of living in an absolute state controlled economy?

    It seems you lack a fundamental understanding of how economic systems work, particularly totalitarian communist ones.

  2. Funny that you quote – they also have a list that shows cuba having the lowest living costs, being the 2nd best in education and 2nd best in healthcare.

    1. When you are obligated to work for slave masters who pay you $25/month and live in a country where most of the food is rationed and there is almost nothing to buy, it is understandable that the cost of living has to be low. If most of your clothes, shoes, electric appliances, cell phones, etc. are sent by relatives living outside the country, the cost of living has to be low.
      When you need to save your complete salary for the next 100 years in order to afford a car, when you cannot afford to vacation at any of the hotels that Castro has built for the exclusive use of foreigners like you, no wonder that the cost of living, or better said the cost of surviving, has to be low.
      As to being the 2nd best in education: What good is it to graduate as a doctor or an engineer, but have to work as a bartender, a taxi driver or a prostitute in order to survive? No wonder so many of the slave doctors that are sent outside Cuba end up defecting.
      As to being the 2nd. in healthcare, it is true if you refer to healthcare for foreigners who pay Castro with hard currency, but if you are a regular Cuban, you end up in ‘hospitals’ that are not fit for animals. Like those shown here:
      I hope that on your next vacation in Cuba you choose to leave your hotel compound and get out to see the real Cuba.


      1. The government provides education and health care because they need people who are educated to perform jobs in other countries to bring money to the government. As far as health care Cuba had health care for very low prices for the poor and the middle class and there was medicine available for the ill. Now there’s barely any medicine to cure the people who are or become I’ll. So what good is it to have fee health care.

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