Racism in Cuba

Contrary to what the Castro regime and its foreign apologists say, there is more racism in Cuba than ever before.

So called ‘Black leaders’ like Harry Belafonte, Danny Glover, Maxine Waters, Jesse Jackson and many more have had a love affair with the Castro brothers for 56 years.

They go to Cuba and are wined and dined by the regime and they repeat all the lies and propaganda that are fed to them.

Not one word about the abuses against Black Cubans, specially the young; not a word about the fact that there are no Afro-Cubans in any position of power in the Cuban regime.

Here are some photos that show how Afro-Cubans are treated by the police in Castroland:






5 thoughts on “Racism in Cuba

  1. I have visited Cuba 3 times in the last 30 years . I can now see how the country is really a 2 tier system . Give the people a true vote and the option to leave the country if they desire . I and my family will never return to Cuba , till there is real freedom for all people on the island . I saw so many weird things on the last trip (April 2016) . Government spies on the resort , pretending they were tourists and numerous illegal activities from resort workers that will do most anything for cash, because there cash broke and have no hope . Its time the governments of the free world stop allowing tourist access to holiday here , injecting these slave master rulers with hard western cash .

  2. Pero los negros antes de Fidel eran batistianos y despues de Fidel se alegraron de todo lo que hizo Fidel…. hasta hace unos anhos, la mayoria de los negros cubanos eran comunistas castristas…. Algo ha cambiado, pero ellos prefieren la Cuba de Fidel a la Cuba de los exiliados…

  3. If you don’t see the blue Cuban police uniform, the picture can coming from any country of Africa….no clothes, the peoples in lines waiting for some elementary needs…foods, massive transportation, etc.

  4. Nobody want to listen about the Castro’s regime racism police. They have 470,000 persons in 585 prisons around the Isle and 92% of them are black. Less to 10% of University’s students are black, less to 5 % are officials of the government and party, less of 3% are pilots, less one % are diplomatic….

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