The Infamous Firing Squads

Thousands of Cubans have died in front of Castro’s infamous ‘paredón’ (the wall). There was no discrimination, as far as sending people to the firing squad was concerned. Young and old, black and white, rich and poor were sent to ‘el paredón’.
Many of those who helped Castro gain power, like Comandantes Ernesto Sori Marin and William Morgan, an American, were among the thousands who were shot.


Fidel Castro questioning a Cuban farmer who was later executed.The woman behind Castro is Celia Sánchez, Castro’s mistress during his time at the Sierra Maestra and sitting next to him is Camilo Cienfuegos.Even before the triumph of the Revolution, Castro and his gang were prone to murder those who disagreed with them.In the photo below, taken while still in the Sierra Maestra mountains, Fidel Castro’s brother, Raul, is seen getting ready to shoot a young rebel soldier who disobeyed orders.

RaulGettingReady Fusilamiento1XY Fusilamiento2 Fusilamiento3

And more than fifty years after the above photos were taken, Castro and his gang of murderers continue to send to the firing squad, those Cubans who oppose his betrayal of the Revolution.

fusilamiento fusilamiento1X


Priests Juan Miguel Aldaz and Jose Luis Garrigoitia,  pray with prisoner Ramon Reytor, minutes before he was executed in the town of Manzanillo, Oriente province.

executionManzanillo2 executionManzanillo

Fathers Aldaz and Garrigoitia with the prisoners moments before they were murdered


Prisoners were taken to the town cemetery and they would have to wait in line and witness the other executions, before they themselves were shot.


Col. Cornelio Rojas, chief of police of Santa Clara, is shown here in a jail cell before che Guevara ordered him to be shot to death without a trial.


The photos above show the brutal murder of Col. Rojas, who was shot to death on orders of Guevara, without the benefit of a trial.

A letter from Barbara Rangel, granddaughter of Col. Rojas:
My name is Barbara Rangel, granddaughter of Colonel Cornelio Rojas, Chief of Police in Santa Clara in the 1950’s. He was a national policeman before Batista came to power.
He earned his military status of Colonel and was involved in revolutionary activities in the 1930’s.
He was a man who always fought for the freedom of Cuba, in the 1930’s he was fighting against dictator Gerardo Machado at Gibara.
His father and grandfather: Colonel Cornelio Rojas Escobar and Brig. General Cornelio Rojas Hurtado, had fought prominently in Cuba’s War of Independence from Spain.
I would like to clarify and educate, if I may, those who are ignorant of the truth.
My grandfather was arrested and murdered by the godfather of modern terrorism, Che Guevara, and another murderer, Fidel Castro, for the only purpose of creating terror among the population.
They wanted to eliminate my grandfather because he was a man of great courage, a descendant of Generals who had fought for Cuba’s independence.
My granddad was a beloved pillar in his community, well known for his public service and philanthropy.
He was executed on national television without the opportunity of a trial, therefore violating his human rights (Article #10 & #11 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights).
Che Guevara had sent a message to my family informing them that no harm would come to my granddad, but it was a lie, as he had already murdered him by the time my family received it.
After his execution, he was buried in a mass grave, Che Guevara didn’t even give us the solace of a funeral or allowed his family to put a cross or flowers atop my murdered granddad’s grave.
My family suffered tremendously, it was very traumatic; especially for my mom, Blanca Rojas, who was pregnant when my grandfather was murdered.
Imagine seeing your dad being murdered on national television! She immediately went into labor.
By then, Che’s goons had surrounded our family house, and didn’t allow my mother to go to a hospital. A midwife had to be called to assist her with the labor. My brother, Silvio Gonzalez, was born on the same bed that belonged to my granddad.
What is a person supposed to do? Rejoice for the birth of her son, or weep for the murder of her father?
How can anyone ever forget or forgive such horrific acts by these mass murderers, Che Guevara and Fidel Castro?
Yet, some ignorant celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Carlos Santana, Gisele Budchen, Johnny Depp, Mike Tyson have tattoos of the mass murderer Che Guevara.
I find this absolutely unbelievable, and it shows the ignorance of those who idolize che Guevara.
My grandfather never killed anyone, and he died like brave men are supposed to die.
His last words were: “There’s the revolution, take care of it” and then he ordered the soldiers who were going to murder him: “Get ready, aim, fire.”
Only a brave man with military blood and courage would die like this! I am so proud of him, and my ancestors.
What a difference with che Guevara who begged for his life when he was captured in Bolivia, a country he invaded trying to export communism.
He died like the coward that he was. His last words were “Don’t shoot me, I am worth more alive then dead.”
Those were certainly the words of a coward!
For those ignorant persons out there who still idolize this murderer coward: Che Guevara murdered hundreds of persons, including 3 or 4 teenagers and a pregnant woman. Their names are publicly documented.
The good thing is that there is a higher court that one day will do justice!
Thank you for the opportunity to write. Truly yours,

Barbara Rangel


The Cuban Memorial displayed at Tamiami Park, Miami, Florida: Each cross bears the name of a victim of Castro the brothers’ genocide against the Cuban people

35 thoughts on “The Infamous Firing Squads

  1. Dictators like these should have one warning about democracy…. yes one only..then be invaded and killed, some life has to be lost if you want change for all the people of a country …and many lives have been lost and the benefits went to the Castro’s…who killed many innocent people.

    Like I said, one warning! they have to realize they will not win…but weak leaders don’t invade, and that’s what keeps dictators alive and well.



  2. He was a thug. All you idealists or liberals or whatever you call yourselves, the bottom line is ALWAYS money. Castro lived like a sultan off the backs of the people. Remember……..always about money always.

  3. Too bad he was never brought down and punished for his murdering ways. What is really sad …the young people who are making him a hero. Wrong in every aspect. So now he is gone, but nothing will change.e

  4. In early 1961, I remember vividly the radio and tv news broadcasts announcing that 561 people were shot by firing squad or another 500 or so were also sent to firing squads and they seemed to be daily announcements . I was 14 at that time but didn’t realize these killings were an ongoing purge of every type of person in that country. Military, teachers, clergy, business, politicians, farmer, etc were included in the mass killings. ANY unenthusiastic speech or actions toward Castro or his regime could get you to the wall (el paredón) and SHOT without the semblance of a trial. Fidel & Raul & Che Guevara’s hands have the blood of millions of Cubans on their hands thru firing squads, death squads, starvation of peasants and more. The Cuba of 2016 must come into the 21st Century and get rid of the dictatorship in Havana and Washington.

  5. The statements made by President-Elect Donald Trump and Hussein Obama show the contrast between the two men. Trump knows who America’s true allies are and who America’s true enemies are. Unlike,Hussein Obama who sides with America’s enemies and rejects America’s allies. Trump spoke the truth about the brutal dictator Fidel Castro, whereas, Hussein Obama praises him.
    Trump said:
    “Today, the world marks the passing of a brutal dictator who oppressed his own people for nearly six decades. Fidel Castro’s legacy is one of firing squads, theft, unimaginable suffering, poverty and the denial of fundamental human rights.”
    “While Cuba remains a totalitarian island, it is my hope that today marks a move away from the horrors endured for too long, and toward a future in which the wonderful Cuban people finally live in the freedom they so richly deserve,” Trump said.
    “Though the tragedies, deaths and pain caused by Fidel Castro cannot be erased, our administration will do all it can to ensure the Cuban people can finally begin their journey toward prosperity and liberty,” Trump said. “I join the many Cuban Americans who supported me so greatly in the presidential campaign, including the Brigade 2506 Veterans Association that endorsed me, with the hope of one day soon seeing a free Cuba.”
    Hussein Obama: “At this time of Fidel Castro’s passing, we extend a hand of friendship to the Cuban people. We know that this moment fills Cubans – in Cuba and in the United States – with powerful emotions, recalling the countless ways in which Fidel Castro altered the course of individual lives, families, and of the Cuban nation,” Obama said in a statement put out by the White House.
    “History will record and judge the enormous impact of this singular figure on the people and world around him,” Obama said.
    “For nearly six decades, the relationship between the United States and Cuba was marked by discord and profound political disagreements,” he said. “During my presidency, we have worked hard to put the past behind us, pursuing a future in which the relationship between our two countries is defined not by our differences but by the many things that we share as neighbors and friends – bonds of family, culture, commerce, and common humanity. This engagement includes the contributions of Cuban Americans, who have done so much for our country and who care deeply about their loved ones in Cuba.”
    The mistake America made by electing this POS, Community Agitator, Hussein Obama is coming to an end.

  6. My US missionary teacher cousin and his Bolivian wife were eyewitnesses to Che’s group in 1967.When I spoke to My cousin that Xmas he said ‘Che was barking up the wrong tree with the Bolivian peasants!’ They wanted nothing to do with him and it was the peasants who rattled him out.

  7. I can not describe how vile these Castro Family are. The whole family comes out of the pits of Hell. They have shown time after time that they have no respect of for humen life. This is the Kind of people that the African American Politican likes ” Cold Bloody Murderes” That’s what Communism does,” Kill inocent people”

    1. Why spoil your just questions about the credibility of Castro’s Stalinist regime, by continuing to create confusion through abuse of English language? “That’s what ‘communism’ does etc,. You are obviously well read on the matter (and language of) ‘communism’. There is very little-or nothing ‘communistic’ or ‘socialistic’ about the parasitism of the Castro regime or its policies, which emerged from Castros’ need to justify his dictatorship. Without Cuba’s ‘state’ control of important industries and distribution of what little that ‘national socialism’ can produce, Castro would have been long gone. It doesn’t help to blame crimes on ‘communism’. It only re-enforces the continued abuse and bastardization of our language which describes a ‘free association of producers’ and a ‘world full of people who know what to do’, as a society which is a far cry from Cuba and Castros’ place on Earth! Don’t be scared or opportunistic by letting our language be used as a smoke screen!

  8. I am the great-great grandson of Miguel Aldama , a Cuban in exile in the 19th century, who contributed to the Cuban Independence, by providing arms, funds to the fighting men in Cuba and most importantly, an influential voice about the war of independence, while he lived in New York City The Spanish committed terrible atrocities during those years; the same thing happened during the years of Juan Batista’s dictatorship and continued with Castro and Che Guevara during the revolution and thereafter. For over 50 years the United States isolated Cuba thinking that it would deterred the Castro brothers from their harsh and violent regime. Unfortunately it did not work and the people who suffered the most and continue to suffer are the cuban people. Confronting the Castro regime by opening a dialogue as a catalyst for change, will perhaps bring a new era in the history of Cuba and thus give cubans the possibility to choose how they want to move forward. The next years will tell. However, I believe that history will always tell the “true story” of Castro’s Revolution and thus they will be remembered by their footprint. Hopefully, President Obama will be remembered as the person who allowed the new generation of Cubans to have a choice for a better life. Let us hope so.

    1. I wish I had more time and space to comment. I was born in Cienfuegos in November of 1958. I will leave out my family name and where I lived because I still fear for family that lives on the island. I do agree that Castro is a murderer. I do agree that Guevara is a murderer. They believed, just like Hitler, Stalin, Mao and many before them that murder was politically expedient in order to acquire and maintain power. I left Cuba when I was 10 years old. I have fond memories of my country even though I had to wipe my behind with newspaper, brush my teeth with baking soda, my mom would have to wait in line for 2 days when supply trucks came to town just to make sure she could buy us a pair of shoes or pants which would have to last at least a year until we were allowed to buy them again. I have much more to say but there is a great fault with the thinking of my compatriots. Think about what happened with the Soviet Block. Opened communications brought them down. If our countrymen and women knew truly how we live and their minds were not controlled by Castros propaganda machine, I think things would change. Let’s open the doors. Let our people experience what we have. It is the best way to take back our country and eradicate the debacle that had been our history since January of 1959.

  9. What can I said that’s already expressed in this poor woman’s letter about her grandfather’s murder. I had read about Col. Rojas before. He was simply killed for being a public servant. We should all take a stance against these “Useful Idiots” (including afraid to say Our present President).
    What bothers me is the way useful idiot express their anger toward Batista, Trujillo, Somoza, Pinochet, etc. and in a distasteful way call them “Dictators”. Can someone tell me what is Fidel Castro’s title?

    1. You are so right. The MSM always refers to dictator Batista; dictator Pinochet; dictator Somoza; dictator Trujillo but the worse dictators of all, the Castros, are always referred to as ‘president.’

  10. To many of you who have learned of that they are thieves that robbed the future of many
    families the atrocities, death, inhumane treatment that these goons have done to Cubans .
    How can a president of this great nation give so much to these criminals, is there no remorse
    in his heart for the feelings of the families of those killed, how can any human that has learned of all the bad things they have done still thinks that way.
    Only an IDIOT my religion doesn’t allow me to curse

  11. Asesinos miserables no tiene nombres estos delincuentes que fusilaron miles de cubanos y asi hay traidores que quieren que esto se olvide,jamás miserables traidores jamás estos asesinatos se olvidaran,jamás

  12. Thank you for increasing my awareness on the truth. I have a very good feeling about Cuba and look very much forward to visiting and perhaps living there one day soon. I really feel justice will prevail and I am extremely sorry for your loss as well as all those whom died during the revolution. Lives can not be recovered but the 50 square miles of land and properties they stole from my family will be recovered and portions donated to make Cuba strong once again…..

  13. Castro’s Cuba will be opening an embassy in Washington soon and this murdering bunch of goons will begin having all of the privileges as any other embassy. How can we recognize these criminals as equal to those of the civilized nations. “How soon we forget!

  14. This is important to know “What a difference with che Guevara who begged for his life when he was captured in Bolivia, a country he invaded trying to export communism.
    He died like the coward that he was. His last words were “Don’t shoot me, I am worth more alive then dead.”
    Those were certainly the words of a coward!
    For those ignorant persons out there who still idolize this murderer coward: Che Guevara murdered hundreds of persons, including 3 or 4 teenagers and a pregnant woman”.
    Ernesto Guevara was a professional liar, serial killer, rapist, robbery, coward, psychopathic and malign personality…..

    1. Che never begged for his life at all or said that at all when he was assassinated. This was all invented. As a Cuban, now living in Miami, I left the island with my father, wife and daughter 15 years ago. Once settled we were surprised by all the false lies coming out of Miami. My dad was in jail for 5 years for been a dissident and I spent 2 years for having two US $ in my pocket in 1994 finally we were able to leave Habana. Even my father couldnt believe the lies about Che a man who was much better than most people in the planet. So travel to Cuba talk to older people and you will learn the real truth.
      Did you raised your voice when Bush invaded Iraq and have over 150,000 innocent civilians killed? Are you happy that now we have ISIS and terrorist all over trying to kill us? Are you happy that here in the USA many cops go around killing innocent civilians and never go to jail? Even in Cuba cops dont go around killing innocent civilians.

      1. Antonio–how does living in Cuba make you an expert on Guevara? He was executed–not assassinated–for invading Bolivia. Invade another country at your peril. He died in the same manner as he had ordered the executions of many people. A fitting end for one such as he. Don’t you think Antonio?

        A man who was much better than most people on the planet? Antonio, have you fallen off your rocker and landed on your head? Well, Guevara did attempt to create the New Man and used the people of Cuba as guinea pigs in his Machiavellian sociological laboratory. He had become arrogant and Godlike in his quest to create a new breed of people molded in his ideological fashion.

        Guevara was also a pathetic coward. When Commander Jesus Carreras faced him twice, he backed down like a weasel. Certainly not Godlike behavior, is it?

        150,000 civilians killed in the was against Iraq? Where did you discover this data?

        1. Are you #$@#$&$ serious!? Lol. Didn’t realize you were there at all these events. Thanks for your insight. The U.S. is guilty of genocide, war crimes, beyond comprehension. Examine those facts

      2. I’ll bet he didn’t write this in his own book, either, did he, Sis: “The Negro is indolent and lazy, and spends his money on frivolities,
whereas the European is forward-looking, organized and intelligent… We’re going to do for blacks exactly what blacks did for the Cuban revolution. By which I mean: nothing!”- Che Guevara— The Motorcycle Diaries:

      3. Thank you for standing up for the truth. The ‘wonderful’ U.S. of Amerikkka has a long history of atrocities committed in many countries, including Cuba itself. A coward is a person who spreads lies and propaganda about others while covering up their own faults. There are many cowards on this page, but you are not one of them!

    2. Southern Command, Activities of the 2nd Ranger Battalion and Death of Che Guevara

      The U.S. Special Forces Group, which trained the Bolivan military units that captured Che Guevara, conducted an extensive debriefing of members of the 2nd Ranger Battalion. This report, based on interviews by a member of the U.S. Mobile Training Team in Bolivia with key Bolivian commanders, documents the military movements, and engagement with Che Guevara’s guerrilla band. The sources also provide key details and descriptions of his capture, interrogation and execution, although it makes no mention of the CIA official, Félix Rodríguez, who was present. Guevara’s last words to the soldier who shot him are reported as: “Know this now, you are killing a man.”

    3. What are your opinions of the U.S. involvement in Latin America? How about the school of the Americas? The U.S. has more blood on its hands than any country to ever exist. Go back to sleep.

      1. Didn’t realized you were there at those events where the U.S. tarnished its hands with blood. Thanks for your insights Coyote. You brilliant observations have put the rest of us who are in a state of waking sleep to shame.

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