The Useful Idiots

Through the years, many famous people, including politicians, sport figures, millionaires and Hollywood luminaries have been going to Cuba and allow themselves to be used by Castro’s propaganda machine. Many have done it out of sheer ignorance; some have done it because they are dumb; and some others because they are benefiting economically from their association with this brutal dictator.
It is a great propaganda tool for the Castro regime. Cubans who are enslaved by this brutal dictator are told that they can’t expect much international help when all these famous people are going there to make jokes, play games or show their support for the dictator.
Some day, these people will have to hang their head in shame for having used their names and fame to support Castro’s genocide against the Cuban people.
Here is what some of the useful idiots have said:
Supermodel Naomi Campbell Fidel Castro was “a source of inspiration to the world. I’m so nervous and flustered because I can’t believe I have met him. He said that seeing us in person was very spiritual,” said Campbell after meeting with Castro, according to the Toronto Star.
Comedian Chevy Chase, at Earth Day 2000 in Washington D.C., said he believes “socialism works” and explained that “Cuba might prove that.”
Kevin Costner after going to Cuba in 2001 to preview his film “13 Days”: “It was an experience of a lifetime to sit only a few feet away from him and watch him relive an experience he lived as a very young man.”
“He is a genius. We spoke about everything,” actor Jack Nichols after meeting with Castro in 1998.
Saul Landau, an Emmy award-winning filmmaker: Castro “has brought a greater equality in terms of wealth distribution than I guess any country in the world today.”
Film director Steven Spielberg visited Cuba and met with Castro in November of 2002 and dined with the dictator until the early morning hours. Afterward, Spielberg announced that his dinner with Castro “was the eight most important hours of my life.” Not the day of his wedding. Not the day that his kids were born. The most important hours of his life was the time that he spent with this criminal. Click here  to read more about Spielberg’s visit to Havana.

Ed Asner on MSNBC being interviewed by Pat Buchanan:
Buchanan: “Mr. Asner, thanks for coming on and Ed, let me ask you about Danny Glover and Harry Belafonte who have co-signed this statement basically supporting Fidel Castro after he put 75 dissidents in prison for up to 28 years and executed the three who tried to sort of hijack a ferry boat and come to Cuba [meant U.S.]. What is it about these, Harry Belafonte, frankly, and Danny Glover that they can attack the American government and defend a guy who would basically put him in prison for doing what they do here in the United States?”
Asner: “Well, they may well be put in prison here for those, for the support they’re giving to Castro, the way things are going in this country. I am opposed to capital punishment by any country, by any persons. I disapprove of Mr. Castro’s executing. I understand that the trial was very fair, that the death penalty is exercised in Cuba and therefore, by Cuban standards, the trial was fair and judicious even though I abhor the death penalty.”
Buchanan: “I want you to name individuals in this country who have made political statements criticizing President Bush who have been put into a penitentiary for five, ten, or twenty-five years like these dissidents who criticized Castro were put into prison. And is this not a real slander on your own country to suggest that it behaves in the same manner as Fidel Castro?”
Asner: “Uh, my country is much more fortunate so it can’t, it doesn’t have to afford the excesses that Fidel Castro has to resort to by constantly being embargoed by the United States.”
Buchanan: “Why does he have to do this? Why does he have to do it?”
Asner: “Why does he have to do it? Because he feels the imminent threat of the Bush administration. I don’t regard the Bush administration as being representative of my country.”
Asner blamed the U.S. for driving Castro to communism: “What is the, because when Castro first took over, we all celebrated enormously. Cuba, which was never supposed to be under the hegemony of the United States had finally found its freedom. Within a year, because of pressure by the United States, Fidel demonstrated his independence of the United States. The United States could not tolerate a little country, a little Hispanic country 90 miles off the United States declaring its independence of the United States so immediately embargoes, everything began to take place, forcing him into the sphere of Soviet influence.”


Oliver Stone is another Hollywood producer who is in love with the Cuban dictator. “: “We should look to [Castro] as one of the earth’s wisest people, one of the people we should consult.”


Castro and Nobel prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Castro gave Garcia Marquez one of the mansions he stole from its legitimate owners in the 1960s.


Musician Carlos Santana attended the Oscars wearing a che Guevara t-shirt. It seems that Santana was not aware that Guevara sent people to jail for listening to his music

Castroratherbat DanRatherCastro1

Dan Rather, was another of the many journalists who admired the Cuban dictator, ignoring that Castro had closed all private media in Cuba and dozens of journalists spent years in prison for reporting the truth about Cuba

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  1. Fidel Castro has just died and the useful idiots still continue their love affair with him. CNN, home of the useful idiots, has just called him a revolutionary leader instead of what he was and bloodthirsty dictator. These useful idiots I’m sure are going to mourn him.

  2. Well, for those who claim that Satan doesn’t
    YEARS NOW….his name, Fidel Castro Ruz and
    his little brother the Deemon Raul.

  3. Considering he’s practically the reason Che Guevara’s a(n undeservedly) cultural icon for the Left, not to mention has spent a lot of time praising Cuba and other revolutionary movements, I’m surprised there’s no mention of Jean-Paul Sartre under here. Think you can add him in? I’m pretty sure the guy who said of Che Guevara, and I quote, “Not only an intellectual but also the most complete human being of our age”, also “era’s most perfect man.” and complimented Che Guevara by saying of him “[Che] lived his words, spoke his own actions and his story and the story of the world ran parallel.” would MORE than qualify as a useful idiot.

  4. what about the Vatican?
    Aren’t there also photos of Fidel Castro
    with more than one POPE of the Vatican?
    (and also Nelson Mandela and Malcom x)?
    How come i don’t see that under your
    “useful idiots” essay?
    Sincerely yrs
    Charles Kaltwasser

    1. I think I have written enough about Nelson Mandela, the Catholic Church and American so called “black leaders” and their shameful support of the Castro regime.
      I am only one person here and can do only so much, but you are free to have your own website and post anything you think people should be aware of.


  5. It is sad and pathetic to see creative, productive persons become parodies themselves by attempting to apologize for a ruthless demagogic self-serving despot who, were he in a position of authority over them, would have them, like thousands of others, ” go to the wall” in a Havana Heartbeat! Defending the guilty harms the innocent, they have no shame!

  6. Hi,

    I was going to ask you a question. In his books “Fidel: Hollywood’s Favorite Tyrant” and “The Longest Romance”, Humberto Fontova comprehensively describes how Hollywood and several media outlets praised Fidel without mentioning that he had thousands of political opponents executed by firing squads early in his rule or that he unsuccessfully lobbied Khrushchev to nuke the US in the event that Kennedy should attack Cuba. Even though I’m aware of a number of Hollywood stars who had a love affair with Fidel, not the least of which is Jesse Jackson, I don’t know of any Hollywood stars who have fallen in love with Raul Castro. Do you know of any Hollywood stars who have a love affair with Raul? The question on everyone’s lips is whether Miguel Diaz-Canel will receive the treatment that Fidel received at the hands of Hollywood stars and comedians if he comes to power.

  7. To admire a brutal dictator is like to be a total Imbecile individual, the most brutal terrorist the earth ever known , Stalin, Mao were nothing compare with this sadistic individual that the Catholic church saved from his prison and death under the Batista regimen,,,,,,,,to start his revolution trough terrorist attacks in most the cuban cities, department stores, churches, beaches, with cocktail molotows all over CUBA killing thousand of innocent civilians during their daily lives in the cities of CUBA, that is HISTORY that can not be denied

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