Free Healthcare?

One of the greatest fallacies about the so called ‘Cuban Revolution’ has to do with healthcare.
Foreigners who visit Cuba, are fed the official line from Castro’s propaganda machine: “All Cubans are now able to receive excellent healthcare, which is also free.” But the truth is very different. Castro has built excellent health facilities for the use of foreigners, who pay with hard currency for those services.
Argentinean soccer star Maradona, for example, has traveled several times to Cuba to receive treatment to combat his drug addiction. But Cubans are not even allowed to visit those facilities. Cubans who require medical attention must go to other hospitals, that lack the most minimum requirements needed to take care of their patients.
In addition, most of these facilities are filthy and patients have to bring their own towels, bed sheets, pillows, or they would have to lay down on dirty bare mattresses stained with blood and other body fluids. Exclusive: New photos of Havana’s Hospital Clínico Quirúrgico de 26
These photos were taken in May of 2011 by Julio Muñoz, a Cuban-American who left Cuba 19 years ago and went back this year to visit his family in the island.
During his stay in Havana, he had to take his aunt to the Emergency Room at Hospital Clínico Quirúrico to receive medical care in one of her fingers.
While there, Muñoz took these pictures of the deplorable conditions at the hospital, very different from the hospital portrayed by the liar Michael Moore in his documentary ‘Sicko.’
These are the hospitals where Cubans have to go because they do not have the hard currency to pay the Castro brothers, like their foreign patients can do.
Next time some ignorant fool mentions the “excellent and free healthcare” that Cubans receive, show them these pictures.

The X-Ray Room A ripped mattress; ancient equipment (probably pre-Castro era) and the ceiling caving in
The Operating Room The door to the Operating Room has a padlock, indicating that it hasn’t been used for a while
One of the halls at the hospital The ceiling lamps are gone and the false ceiling is crumbling
X-Ray Developing Room In this room is where they develop the X-Rays. Look at the equipment
The Emergency Room Medical supplies that had been used on other patients could be seen on the floor
The Emergency Room Medical supplies that had been used on other patients could be seen on the floor
The Lab Believe it or not, this is the Laboratory! Gracias Fidel!
The Lab Believe it or not, this is the Laboratory! Gracias Fidel!
The Restrooms that the visitors are supposed to use. If you were not sick before going to that hospital, you'll be by the time you leave
The Restrooms that the visitors are supposed to use. If you were not sick before going to that hospital, you’ll be by the time you leave
The Restrooms Another look at the conditions of the visitors’ restroom
The Restrooms Another look at the conditions of the visitors’ restroom
Before you leave the men's room, you are supposed to wash your hands here, except that there is no soap and no water!
Before you leave the men’s room, you are supposed to wash your hands here, except that there is no soap and no water!

Another visitor to Cuba experiences Fidelcare

A filthy dental tray in Cienfuegos Hospital. Photo © Christopher P. Baker.
A filthy dental tray in Cienfuegos Hospital. Photo © Christopher P. Baker.

A few weeks ago while escorting a National Geographic Expeditions’ 10-day “Cuba: Discover its Culture & People” trip, one of the participants fell ill with a serious dental problem.
I accompanied her to the Clínica Internacional—the foreigners-only International Clinic— Cienfuegos. Cuba’s best medical services are reserved for foreign tourists paying hard currency. This was no exception. An English-speaking doctor saw us immediately.
She identified an abcess and recommended we visit the dental ward at Cienfuegos Hospital. We were transferred in a low-tech ambulance.
The hospital’s broken windows and screens were an ill omen of worse to come: The black ring (caused by a million grubby hands) around the door handle to the dental ward, suggested it hadn’t been cleaned since the revolution.
We were admitted immediately to the ward and seated at one of a dozen stations. The first image took my breath away. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Dental instruments were sitting in a tray that hadn’t been cleaned—not even wiped!—in ages. Literally, my best guess is in months, if not years! A microscopic study might well have revealed every known bacteria under the sun. In Europe or North America, the hospital would be instantly closed as a health hazard. The travelers looked up at me with a mix of revulsion and near-panic.
Fortunately, the female dentist didn’t need to place any instrument in her mouth. Instead, she looked into her mouth and instantly confirmed the abcess, then wrote a prescription for antibiotics, which the international clinic had in stock.
The next day, while walking along Cienfuegos’ main shopping street (El Búlevar), the group paused to peruse the local pharmacy that serves local Cubans. I counted barely a handful of drugs (all locally produced) for sale on the sparsely stocked shelves.
What a study in contrasts!…
The barebones Cubans-only pharmacies. And the foreigners-only pharmacies fully stocked with imported drugs, reminding me of President Jimmy Carter’s admonition (presented live on Cuban TV during his visit to Cuba in January 2001) that Cuba can buy all the drugs its needs from Mexico, Brazil, etc. at prices well below those charged in the United States.
The Cuban government disingenuously tells Cubans that the U.S. embargo is to blame for the critical shortage of basic medicines. How, then, to explain the fully-stocked pharmacies serving tourists, which Cubans never get to see? Clearly, a political decision has been made to not stock the Cuban pharmacies.
Why? I can think of only one plausible reason: It’s great politics in Fidel Castro’s pathological demonization of Uncle Sam. Let’s hope things will soon change under his younger brother, Raúl.
Meanwhile, and more worrying, is the disparity between Cuba’s claims about the excellence of its health-care system and the shocking revelation that it doesn’t even apply standards of basic hygiene. Moon Travel Guides

This is not Auschwitz, this is the psychiatric hospital in Castro’s Cuba

The photos shown below were taken at Havana’s psychiatric hospital, known as Mazorra, in January of 2010 and taken out of the island by people who risked their lives to show the world what really is happening in Castro’s Cuba.
These are several of the more than 40 patients who died of hypothermia at the hospital, when temperatures near freezing hit the area where Mazorra is located.
These patients died because of the negligence of those in charge of this hospital, and after they died, hospital officials threw them on a table, one on top of the other, like bags of garbage at the local dumpster.
This is the fantastic healthcare that Cubans receive, according to Michael Moore and other useful idiots.
Patients are treated worse than animals. It is the cruelty of that brutal regime that has been oppressing the Cuban people for more than 56 years, while the dictator murdering and oppressing Cubans is referred to as “president,” and embraced by Latin American leaders who were democratically elected.
Many show marks that indicate that patients were beaten before they died.





Hannity and Colmes

Videos of my interview on Hannity & Colmes about healthcare in Castro’s Cuba and the lies contained in Michael Moore’s documentary “Sicko”

Part I   Part II

The 20/20 program about healthcare in Cuba is now on YouTube

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Healthy in Cuba, Sick in America?

Anyone who’s seen Michael Moore’s film “Sicko” will recall the scene in which he shouts with a bullhorn as his boat takes a group of people, including Sept. 11 workers, to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, where he says prisoners get better health care than Americans.
After the manned gun towers blow horns at Moore’s boat, he takes the group to Havana, where his movie says socialized medicine — government-run medicine — is great for everyone. When Moore’s group arrives in Havana, they are taken to a special section of a large showcase hospital. Moore says in the film, “I asked [the Havana hospital] to give us the same exact care they give their fellow Cuban citizens. No more, no less. And that’s what they did.”
Moore sat down with “20/20’s” John Stossel and talked about that claim. When asked whether it really was an average hospital, Moore said, “Yes.” “This isn’t just me saying this, you know. All the world health organizations or whatever have confirmed that if there’s one thing they do right in Cuba, it’s health care,” Moore said. “And there’s very little debate about that.” In fact, there is plenty of debate. Miami-based Cuban Human Rights activist Jose Carro says Moore’s movie paints an inaccurate picture.  Read more

10 thoughts on “Free Healthcare?

  1. The only way to impose a totalitarian government is to LIE, LIE and LIE. This is how Obama sold CastroCare in the increasingly Socialist States of AmeriKa. Keep your doctor, keep your plan, 2500.00 lower premiums per family per year, ect. Much like Castro when he claimed he was not a communist/socialist/collectivist…. whether you call it poop, crap or manure it all smells the same! As the ideas of our founding become distorted by public indoctrination in an ever failing education system, so will the finest medical care succumb to waste, fraud and abuse. The more the plans fail, the more the planners…..plan. VIVA LA DESTRUCCION, VIVA EL COMMUNISMO VIVA EL PARTIDO DEMOCRATA….(God help us!)

  2. Along with free education, so called progressive – left wing activists and their supporters in Indonesia also praise “Fidelcare” as a “perfect” alternative to increase healthcare coverage into my country’s poor/lower class. Thanks to the Real Cuba for telling the truth about so called “free healthcare” there.

    How do you think about ELAM (Latin American School of Medicine) and it’s involvement in Castro’s medical propaganda machine? For information one of my neighboring country, Malaysia, have approx. 20 student there. Palestinians also send theirs.

    BTW, I see this site have an indication of support to Israel. Do you support it’s existence? I personally torn about that. In that conflict, Cuban government until today supports the Palestinians.


    Lukas Lumbantobing, an Indonesian anti-socialist.

  3. I do believe that this all happened in Cuba, but when I try to prove it to someone the same question always rises: “How do you know that’s really Cuba?”

    How can I answer?

    1. There are people who still doubt that American astronauts walked on the Moon and there is not much that can be done about people like that.
      Anyone who is familiar with Cuba knows that the photos were taken at the hospitals named in the articles.
      There are foreigners who have gone to Cuba and pay with hard currency for their medical care and the hospitals they were taken to are very different from the hospitals where ordinary Cubans have to go.
      The video taken by Dr. Darsi Ferrer using a concealed camera that you can find in, were shown on ABC 20/20 and on Fox News’ Hannity. I am sure they would not have shown those videos if they were not absolutely convinced that they were taken at the Cuban hospitals mentioned.
      On the other hand, it is hard for people who have been duped by Castro’s propaganda for many years, to admit that they were fooled.
      I am sure that they know that the pictures and videos were taken inside Cuban hospitals, even if they publicly wont admit it.
      There are hundreds of news articles written about the terrible shape of Cuban hospitals that can be found searching the Internet.


  4. Hola,

    I’m giving a presentation on what Cuba is actually like and many of your photos would help me combat the propaganda painting a different picture of Cuba. I am the son of anti-communist Cuban immigrants. I live in Atlanta. The presentation is in Atlanta tonight. I will cite the source your URL. Do I have your permission?


    Alex Gimenez

    1. 50 años y no pasa nada los politicos sacando provecho del dolor de los q se tiran al mar. Nosotros aqui pagando impuestos para q cada año se apruebe 42 mills de Dolares para mandarles a la oposicion en cuba y no pasa nada. Los q llegan aqui las clinicas los pelean para cobrarle al gob 30 y 40 mill Dolares x los examenes q les hacen y quieren q los mantengan con un cheque=e mensual, seguro medico, casa x q no quieren trabajar y muchos se hacen los desabilities y a los mayores les ponen la bombita y pensionan sin haber trabajado un dia aqui. Creen q es correcto eso? Señores todos venimos aqui a trabajar

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