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Cuban Interior Minister Fernández Gondín just became a “good communist”

International Herald Tribune

Cuban Interior Minister Carlos Fernandez Godin died on Saturday in Havana after a lengthy battle with a “chronic illness,” authorities announced. He was 78.

Fernandez Godin, who fought in the Cuban Rebel Army before the Revolution, was promoted from first deputy interior minister to head the ministry in October 2015, replacing Abelardo Colome, who had served in that capacity since 1989 but who had resigned due to health problems.

According to his will, Fernandez Godin will be cremated and his ashes will be honored at the Pantheon of Veterans in Havana’s Colon cemetery until they are interred in the Second Front Mausoleum in Santiago de Cuba, where the minister will receive military honors.

Cuba’s Interior Ministry Colomé Ibarra resigned


Corps General Abelardo Colomé Ibarra resigned today as Vice President of the Council of State and Minister of the Interior of Cuba.

Colomé Ibarra, known as Furry laid the foundations for the Castro regime State Security in 1959, put in place to repress all Cubans who oppose the Castro dictatorship.
He has been Minister of the Interior for 26 years.
According to a report read on Cuban state TV on Monday night, Colomé Ibarra resigned due to “health reasons”, but no more details were given.
He will be replaced by Gen. Carlos Fernández Gondín, another high member of Cuba’s military dictatorship who until now was serving asfFirst vice president of the Ministry of the Interior.