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Obama Covered Up Cuba’s Child Prostitution Outrage


Liberals say they love to go to Cuba because they find Castro inspirational and there are no Starbucks places anywhere in sight. Really they’re going there for the child prostitution.

So often when Canadians think of Cuba, they think of cheap holidays: sand, sun and lying on the beach. But over the past decade, this island winter getaway has gained a more sinister reputation.
Today, a growing number of tourists, almost always older men, are winging to Cuba for one thing – sex. But far more disturbing is that some of them are looking for sex with children.
Cuba is in the top four child sex destinations for Canadians in the Americas. The others are Mexico, Brazil and the Dominican Republic.
In 1978 I spoke with Puerto Rican Nationalist Rodolfo Rivera Rios, who had just voluntarily returned to the U.S. from Havana to face charges for airline hijacking. He said that he quickly became disillusioned and disgusted with the Robotlution soon after arriving in Havana in 1971, when a 12-year-old girl offered to have sex with him in exchange for a succulent sandwich that he bought at a store for foreigners.
Socialism. It really works.
Obama’s bailout of Castro is a huge gift for liberal pedophiles who can enjoy all the Socialist child prostitution they can afford. And they can afford a lot of it because Cuba has a slight income inequality problem.
But he carefully described the process for accessing underage girls. “The young girls aren’t on the street. They’re in houses waiting for the call from pimps.”
The secure — and surreptitious — environment for meeting them is a private lodging called a casa particular, where tourists can rent rooms for about $10 a night.
U.S. diplomats documented the same money-for-child-sex system operating with the knowledge and permission of families in a 2009 cable to Washington.
“Some Cuban children are reportedly pushed into prostitution by their families, exchanging sex for money, food or gifts,” it reads.
The cost of forbidden youth is startlingly cheap: as little as $30 for the night.
Manuel, a lean, 30-something lawyer from Mexico City, is flanked by two scantily clad young prostitutes outside a Varadero hotel as he proudly whispers to an undercover reporter in English: “I got them both for $40. We’re going back to (a casa particular) in Havana. Do you want to stay with us in our house with girls? Come with me. There’s so many!”
So now the State Department is covering up for Cuba’s sex trafficking to protect Obama’s complicity in this terrible crime.
Reuters reported on Monday that senior political leaders at the State Department overruled the agency’s trafficking experts on the rankings of several countries that have failed to crack down on the modern slave trade for humans, including for forced labor and prostitution.
Strategically important nations such as China, Cuba, and Malaysia—all of which have been accused of sponsoring or overlooking forms of forced labor and trafficking—received inflated assessments as a result. China remained a “Tier 2” country despite J/TIP’s recommendation to downgrade it to “Tier 3,” the lowest ranking. Both Cuba and Malaysia were upgraded to Tier 2 amid objections from trafficking analysts.
This isn’t a War on Women. It’s just an ongoing Liberal War on Little Girls.

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Obama criticized for report on Cuba human trafficking


Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Sen. Marco Rubio have attacked the Obama administration for reportedly watering down an annual State Department report on the rolls of countries, such as Cuba and Malaysia, in people smuggling operations.
President Barack Obama “and the State Department should be ashamed of their purely political manipulation of Cuba’s human trafficking issues,” Bush wrote on his Twitter account.
Rubio, a Florida Republican who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, transnational crime and human rights, said it was “shameful that President Obama allowed a bunch of political hacks to alter the administration’s human trafficking report to the benefit of perennial violators like Cuba and Malaysia.”
“The president and his administration have set a dangerous precedent that could lead countries to believe that they can negotiate their way out of being named and shamed for their human trafficking abuses, instead of actually adopting reforms and tackling the problem,” Rubio said.
“The decision to favor politics over policy has jeopardized the integrity of the TIP report which has played a vital role in combating human trafficking the past 15 years. This is a great disservice to the millions of people who have been victimized or are vulnerable to human traffickers,” he added.
The Reuters news agency reported that senior diplomats in the State Department prevailed over the analysts in the department’s own Office to Monitor and Combat the Trafficking of Persons, known as J/TIP, who favored more negative findings for 14 countries. The analysts prevailed in another three of the disputed assessments.
As a result, countries such as Cuba, Malaysia, China, India, Uzbekistan and Mexico wound up with better qualifications than the human rights experts wanted to give them, according to sources quoted in the Reuters report.
Cuba was removed from the report’s list of Tier 3 nations, which include countries with the worst record on the issues of people trafficking and forced labor. It was downgraded to the Tier 2 “observation list,” according to the final report, because although the island “does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking; However it is making significant efforts to do so.”
According to Reuters, the analysts’ victory in only three of the 17 disputes was the worst in the J/TIP’s 15 years of work. A State Department spokesperson told El Nuevo Herald that the normal methodology for drafting the report had been followed “scrupulously” and that “final decisions are taken only after a rigorous discussion and analysis between the TIP office, the relevant regional offices and leaders in the Department of State.”
“The Secretary of State approves the final narratives and the qualifications of each country,” the spokesperson added.
Since the report was published last week, prominent members of the Senate Foreign Relations committee have been questioning the decision to remove Cuba and Malaysia from the black list of countries that do not combat people smuggling, and they have asked Secretary of State John Kerry for an explanation.
Sen. Bob Menendez, a Cuban-American Democrat from New Jersey, also criticized the “politicization” of the report.
In Cuba, “adults and children are subjected to sex trafficking and the government continues perpetrating abusive practices of forced labor, coercing tens of thousands of its own doctors and medical professionals to serve abroad under conditions that violate international norms,” Menendez said. “As the State Department’s own report recognizes that there has been no progress on forced labor in Cuba, any upgrade of the country’s ranking challenges common sense.
The State Department report says that the sexual trafficking of minors does take place in Cuba, specially in connection with tourism, and that the government has “informed” about its efforts to fight these activities although the information on the issue is scarce. It also indicates that the Cuban government does not recognize the “forced labor” of students or doctors in other countries as a problem.
Cuba’s foreign ministry, meanwhile, vehemently rejected the country’s inclusion on the Tier 2 “observation list.”
“Cuba should not figure in any unilateral list or be subjected to any monitoring at all,” the ministry said in a statement that also complained that the State Department report contained “tendentious and manipulated elements on the selfless work … that our medical collaborators carry out in third countries.”
The statement also alleged that the report “distorts the educational and formative character of the Cuban educational system, which applies the … (theory) of linking study with work, when it qualified the work carried out by Cuban students as forced labor.”

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Obama and Kerry make a mockery of the human trafficking report in order to appease dictators


It is becoming very clear that Barack Obama and John Kerry wont stop at anything, in order to benefit the brutal dictatorship in Cuba.

From a report in Reuters about the recently published human trafficking report:

“Human rights groups and people with knowledge of the negotiations over the rankings said an unearned upgrade for Cuba, especially at a time of intense attention due to the historic diplomatic thaw between Washington and Havana, could undermine the integrity of the report.
Cuba had been on the “border line” for an upgrade in recent years, a former State Department official said. And although Cuba ended up with an upgrade, the final report remained highly critical, citing concerns about Cuba’s failure to deal with a degree of alleged forced labor in medical missions that Havana sends to developing countries. 

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Cuban-American lawmakers react at Cuba’s upgrade on trafficking report


U.S. Sen. Bob Menéndez, Democrat from New Jersey: “Upgrades for Malaysia and Cuba are a clear politicization of the report, and a stamp of approval for countries who have failed to take the basic actions to merit this upgrade. In Cuba, adults and children are subjected to sex trafficking and the government continues perpetrating abusive practices of forced labor, coercing tens of thousands of its own doctors and medical professionals to serve abroad under conditions that violate international norms.” Menéndez said the upgrade “challenges common sense” and he pledged to use “all of the tools at my disposal -– from hearings to legislation to investigations –- to challenge these upgrades.”

U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a Miami Republican and also chairwoman of a House Committee on Foreign Affairs subcommittee: “It has become clear that the White House’s willingness to bend over backward to appease the ruthless dictators in Cuba knows no bounds.”

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, a Republican from Florida and a presidential candidate, said in a statement, “I find it difficult to believe that Cuba has been elevated this year from Tier 3 to Tier 2 Watch List solely based on the Cuban regime’s record.”