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What’s Worse: $400 Million to Iran or $4 Billion To Cuba?


The Blaze, by Humberto Fontova

If it’s any consolation, the $400 million President Barack Obama recently smuggled to terror-sponsoring Iran wasn’t (directly) extorted from the American taxpayer. Instead it was money the Shah (Iran’s ruler in 1979) paid for U.S. military equipment shortly before he was deposed by the terror-sponsoring maniacs still running Iran (i.e. sold down the river by President Jimmy Carter.)

Amazingly the U.S. never delivered the arms to the Shah’s “successors,” who still claim rightful ownership of U.S. jets, tanks, etc. The $400 million, as rationalized by Obama and some in the media, is simply a way of making good on that transaction– a harmless money-back policy, similar to Wal-Mart’s.

I wrote “amazingly” because delivery of sophisticated U.S. military equipment to Islamic maniacs seems like business-as-usual for Democratic presidents. Just ask the jumble of Islamic maniacs shooting, blasting and hacking each other to pieces in Syria.

If delivering (a probably unconstitutional) $400 million to terror-sponsoring, hostage-taking Iran strikes many of us as foolish—or shameful, outrageous and dangerous—what about $4 billion annually to Iran’s closest ally in the Western Hemisphere: Terror-sponsoring Cuba?

Much of the $4 billion (yes, with a “b”) in U.S. dollars annually to the Castro-Family-Crime-Syndicate (euphemized as “Cuba” by the media and Obama’s State Department), also results from Obama’s executive orders—which is to say: it’s ALSO probably unconstitutional.

Worse still, this loot enriches the Castro family at the expense of the U.S. taxpayer.

Not that anyone relying on the mainstream media or Obama spokespersons would have the slightest clue about these scandalous and well-guarded transactions that have the Castro family and their military cronies guffawing all the way to (Swiss and Panamanian) banks.
You see, amigos: the U.S. issues 20,000 visas to Cubans annually. And amazingly (except to everyone familiar with Castroism) the Castro regime is in charge of which Cubans get them. So Castro’s apparatchiks make sure to issue their thousands upon thousands of entry tickets into the U.S. to a special type of “refugee.” This type enters the U.S. via comfy commercial flight and sprints from the airport terminal to the nearest welfare office. Shortly he’s sending a portion of his U.S. refugee welfare benefits back to his family in Cuba, where other communist apparatchiks promptly skim off 20 percent in various “transaction fees” and deposit them into communist regime coffers.

And some say communists are “inefficient?”

Some Cuba-watchers even report that the ultra-efficient (in fleecing Americans) Cuban regime even gives preparatory classes to its snickering “refugee” visa applicants. These intensive training seminars focus on how to quickly fill out those pesky welfare forms those fussbucket Yankee Imperialists make you fill out before forking over the $1,200 a month in assorted Yankee Imperialist welfare benefits. Some say these classes even feature wall-maps showing where the Yankee Imperialist welfare offices are located in the Miami area.

And some say communists are “bunglers.”

After completing all the pesky paperwork in Miami some of these “refugees” even return to Cuba, where they continue receiving their monthly U.S. welfare checks sent by their Miami relatives. Considering the cost of living in Stalinist Cuba (where the average salary is $22 a month) these “refugees” eke out a lifestyle like Tony Montana eked out in south Florida.

And some say communist have no sense of humor? HAH!

According to an investigation by Sun-Sentinel :

“In Miami-Dade County, where 24 percent of the population was born in Cuba, immigrants from the island account for 73 percent of arrests for health care fraud; 72 percent of arrests for cargo theft; 59 percent of arrests for marijuana trafficking; and half the arrests for credit-card and insurance fraud. Among Cuban-born defendants sentenced to federal prison for these crimes, two out of three are still Cuban citizens.

“Medicare fraud alone accounts for more than $2 billion in stolen funds every year in South Florida. Investigators, prosecutors and members of Congress have speculated that the Cuban government may be behind the Medicare fraud scheme.”

So more than pirates, modern Cuban criminals operate as privateers: i.e. they have a commission from Castro’s Stalinist/kleptocratic regime, who gets a cut of their booty, at the expense of the U.S. taxpayer.

Anybody who knows anything about the Castro family—especially their expertise on U.S. politics–knows that helping fill up a crucial swing-state (Florida) with Democratic voters is hardly an afterthought for the communist apparatchiks when issuing their “refugee” visas in Havana. Thanks to this well-guarded racket, the term “Miami-Cuban” no longer denotes what it did in the 60’s and 70’s (“rabid, right-wing Republican’).

Some of these “refugees from communism” even arrive in Florida pre-packaged with their Che Guevara T-shirts and Castro tattoos. Makes you long for the good ‘ole days of Tony “say hello to my little friend!” Montana. After all, besides investing his profits right here in the good ‘ole USA, Scarface famously boasted, “I kill communists for fun—for money I REALLY gonna carve ‘em up!”

Dealings with Cuba and Iran reveal a White House in denial

By Carlos Lopez-Cantera lieutenant governor of Florida and a candidate for U.S. Senate in the Sun Sentinel

As the son of a Cuban father and a Jewish mother, my life has been formed by the histories and experiences of my parents and their parents.
The stories of loss and oppression as Castro destroyed a prosperous Cuba are more recent with my Cuban family, but the retelling of a longer history of hardships, oppression, sacrifice and loss at gatherings with my Jewish family and in synagogue have made recent foreign-policy decisions of this administration strike a deep and extremely troubling chord in me.
In normalizing relations with Cuba, the Obama administration is ignoring the history of the last 60 years, renewing relations with a government that epitomizes the word dictatorship and is responsible for the wholesale confiscation of life, liberty and happiness of the Cuban people.
It is this willful blindness to history and past behavior that makes me look at the administration’s Iran deal with the deepest concern. This president is ignoring Iran’s history … and his own.
We have heard repeatedly from the president and numerous members of his administration that no deal is better than a bad deal.
After studying the deal and speaking with numerous experts, it is abundantly clear the agreement with Iran is a bad deal and will bring us closer to war, not further as many supporters of the deal contend.
I am joined in my opposition to this deal by leaders from both political parties and more importantly, by the vast majority of Floridians and the American people.
I believe the president’s Iran deal may stand as one of the most dangerous and consequential diplomatic mistakes of the last or next 100 years. Rather than eliminate the threat of nuclear Iran this deal guarantees the threat of a nuclear Iran. Rather than treat Israel as an ally in this process, President Obama has treated them as the hostile power, and Iran as a nation to be accommodated at every turn.
Previous limits on Iran’s economy will be removed, giving them new economic resources by way of freeing previously restricted cash, access to new markets around the world for their conventional business enterprises and the sale of oil. I fear hundreds of billions of dollars of new income will allow Iran to not only expand their existing enterprises of extremism throughout the Middle East, but with their eventual nuclear capability could guarantee that Iran grows at the least to a regional hegemon.
As if the nuclear component of the Iran deal was not bad enough, the removal of sanctions against leaders of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp as well as the removal of limits on the Iranians’ ability to import and export weapons guarantees that Iran’s current support of violent terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah and Hamas and for the brutal regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria will greatly expand.
The president is clearly bent on accommodating an extremist regime that screams it’s hatred for American values, American lives and American interests at every point.
This should not be a partisan issue; the Iranians don’t chant death to Republicans or Democrats; they chant death to America. The Iranians are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American soldiers. When they call for death to America, they mean it.
America should pursue a better deal, one that would truly end the Iranians’ quest for a nuclear weapon without rewarding a regime whose hands are awash in American and Israeli blood.
Congress must reject this deal, as they have in the past over 200 times, and ask the negotiators to return to the table.
Responsible American leaders from both parties who value the security of the United States, Israel, the region and the world should reject this dangerous concession to a nuclear Iran.
I look forward to the day when my wife and I can take our daughters to visit the Jewish homeland, and I pray that day can come without Israel living under the terrible shadow of a nuclear-armed Iran.

Bad Deals With Iran, Cuba — And Their Human Rights Records Are Worse


First Cuba. Now Iran.
It can be painful watching President Obama strike deals with some of the world’s most odious regimes. But as the spotlight of misguided diplomacy shines on these pariah states, it gives those who actually care about human rights a chance to educate onlookers about what life is really like for those beneath the boots of the Castros and the Mullahs.
To understand that is to understand why Havana and Tehran cannot be trusted.
Education is key, as was illustrated by a much-ballyhooed push poll by the Atlantic Council in February last year, which showed wide support for engagement with Cuba. However, once the question included information on how horrible Cuba’s human rights record was, support quickly dropped from 56% to a minority of 43%.
Iran, because of the memories of the hostage crisis and its ritualistic “Death to America” chants, is well-known as a U.S. foe. Many Americans realize that Iran is no friend of gay rights, and some may know that, under the regime, homosexual acts are punishable by death.
But how many Americans know that Iran’s clerics can and do routinely push gays into unwanted sex-change operations? Or that the regime that may soon reap $300 billion to $400 billion in sanctions relief from the Vienna nuclear deal is the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism? Tehran will likely use much of that money to support such proxy groups as Hezbollah, Hamas and a Syrian regime that has massacred over 320,000 of its own people in four years.
Cuba’s human rights violations get even less attention. This is ironic given that, unlike Iran, it lies just 90 miles from our shores and has a history that is deeply interwoven with that of the United States. Cuban soldiers fought in the American Revolutionary War. The U.S. liberated Cuba from Spain in 1898. And, of course, there are close to two million Americans of Cuban descent.

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