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US human trafficking report under fire as Cuba and Malaysia are upgraded

The U.S. continues to lose credibility under President Obama. His willingness to agree to anything the Cuban dictators ask for, while they continue to violate all human rights is sickening.
It is sad to watch how the president of the world’s most powerful nation, is following orders from a criminal dictatorship in Cuba.
‘Negotiating’ with Obama and John Kerry is becoming the most popular pastime among America’s enemies.  They can get anything they want at the ‘negotiating’ table.


Read an article in today’s The Guardian:

US human trafficking report under fire as Cuba and Malaysia are upgraded

US State Department’s annual Trafficking in Persons report removes Cuba and Malaysia from worst tier of offenders, sparking criticism over ‘political’ decisions

The United States is facing criticism after it removed Cuba and Malaysia from the US State Department’s list of the countries categorically failing to respond to widespread human trafficking.
Both countries have been upgraded from tier 3 in the 2015 Trafficking in Persons report, the worst ranking given by State Department’s annual overview of the actions taken by countries across the world to tackle modern slavery and trafficking.
Anti-trafficking groups have expressed concern at the “transparent” political motivations of this year’s rankings, which they claim call the integrity and impartiality of the report into question.
“We are very surprised by this year’s report, which seems to be making blatantly political decisions that we consider will have a really detrimental impact on both the integrity of the report and progress in the global fight to end modern slavery,” says Melysa Sperber, director of the Alliance to End Slavery and Trafficking (Atest).
“The TiP report can be a really valuable tool in holding governments to account and can have a tangibly positive influence in changing things on the ground and there is a real import in maintaining its credibility.”
The report, which has been published since 2001, is the principal diplomatic tool with which the US engages foreign governments on human trafficking. Under US law, those countries on tier 3 could trigger non-trade related sanctions, leading to restrictions on US foreign assistance and access to global financial institutions such as the World Bank.
After 12 years on tier 3, Cuba’s sudden upgrade to the tier 2 watch list comes fast on the heels of the re-opening of the US embassy in Havana and the re-establishment of diplomatic relations after a half-century of estrangement.
Last year’s TiP report contained criticism of Cuba’s trafficking record, including allegations of child prostitution and forced labour by the Cuban government.
In an interview following the leaking of the proposed upgrade last week, Senator Robert Menendez, a Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said he saw the move as politically motivated.
“You have to earn your way up the ladder, not just have political expediency be the reason that you get moved from tier 3,” he said.

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