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Angel Carromero cuenta como el régimen castrista asesinó a Oswaldo Payá y Harold Cepero


A closer look at the tanks and armored personnel carriers

RAM2 is very close to one of Cuba's famous torture centers,100 & Aldabo, and also to the MININT

Castro's Combat Guard

These troops are always dressed and ready for combat. Nine tanks and nine armored personnel carriers are also stored here. Their HQ is located near Fontanar

A closer look at the HQ of Castro's Combat Guard

Fontanar used to be a high middle class suburb of Havana, located on the road to the Rancho Boyeros airport, now known as Jose Marti Airport

A closer look of the Cienfuegos Submarine Base

The Havana Zoo at 26 Street

Playa de la Concha (La Concha Beach)

The old Colegio de Belen (Belen Jesuit School).

A closer look of Belen. It is now known as Instituto Tecnico Militar (ITM). You can see one helicopter and a couple of planes on the left hand side of the building

The Hotel Nacional

The University of Havana

Another view of the University of Havana

Satellite view of three of Castro's most dreaded prisons

Thanks to "Myself" for his help in locating these prisons.

Villa Marista

Before Castro came to power, the Marist Brothers had a Catholic school in Havana. The residence where the Brothers used to live is now the State Security headquarters. Many Cuban dissidents are taken to Villa Marista to be interrogated and tortured.

100 y Aldabó

Another State Security prison in Havana. Its address is at Calle 100 and Aldabó and that is where its name comes from.

Combinado del Este

Located at Kilometer 13 1/2 of the Carretera Monumental Habana del Este. Many of Cuba's best known political prisoners are being held at this huge prison

Castro's main residence. One of more than 50 that he has all over the island

Castro's office at Plaza de la Revolucion

The Ministry of the Interior (MININT)

Boniato Prison, near Santiago de Cuba, where many Cuban patriots spent 20 years or more for opposing the Castro regime

SAM installation near Holguin

This air base is north of Santa Clara

Another view of the same air base

Another view of the same air base

A closer view of the same air base

Air Force base at San Antonio de los Baños

Shelter for the 1st. Regiment at San Antonio de los Baños

Museum at the San Antonio de los Baños Air Force base

10 Mig-21 at the San Julian Air Force base

Migs that seem to be out of service at the San Julian base

Another view of the same air base

SAM installation near Santa Cruz del Norte

One of the dictator's many farms. This one is supposedly owned by the Interior Ministry (MININT) but it is for the personal use of the dictator

Mig 29A Serial # 914 According to recent defectors this plane is not operational any more

Guantanamo Bay, where the U.S. Naval Base is located

This seems to be a SAM 3 ground to air missile installation. It is part of the air defense system located near Havana.

A closer look

The old Plaza Civica, now Plaza de la Rob-olucion

Fence them in so they can't leave

The Stadium del Cerro, where Habana, Almendares, Marianao y Cienfuegos used to play. It was also the home to the Cuban Sugar Kings of Triple A. It was-renamed Stadium Latinoamericano after it was stolen by Castro

The piers at Casablanca

The old Esso and Shell refinery in Havana harbor, re-named Ñico Lopez after it was stolen by Castro

La Cabaña

The Firing Squad at La Cabaña

Storage for Cuba's Western Army

Baracoa Military Base

Baracoa Military Base

Ciudad Libertad


Morro Castle



Do you know what this is?


American Embassy