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Hurricane Castro has been lashing Cuba with winds of hate and destruction for 47 years. The damages

caused by this killer hurricane are incalculable. Tens of thousands of deaths, hundreds of billions of

dollars in damages, 2,000,000 refugees, pain and suffering for millions of people. Those are the

tragic results of this hurricane.

But always, after the storm the calm will come and I am sure that the Cuban people will be able to

rebuild their beautiful island and live in peace once this killer hurricane is gone forever.


The sign on the sidewalk says: "Long live the 45th. anniversary." Imagine how these homes would look now after Cuba 'celebrated' the 48th.anniversary of Hurricane Castro

Cuba's transportation system, after 47 years of Hurricane Castro

Was Havana bombed?

No, but it suffered from something much worse: 47 years of Hurricane Castro!

Socialist architecture

If you are in a hurry, you can jump from the stairs to the street. Wear a parachute!

Sign reads "No parking." Too bad that dogs can't read!

Wasn't this a country where everyone was supposed to be equal?

Another building collapse in Havana

And another one more...

Calle Galiano

The Malecon after 47 years of hurricane Castro

Walk at your own risk! (NEW)

Another photo of the Malecon

And still one more!

Ruin in front of Prado Promenade (Paseo del Prado)

If you lose a wheel in this hole, at least you can drink the cocoanuts' water

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