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Photos of Havana taken in early October 2011


These photos were sent by a friend who was in Havana for about  2 weeks at the end of September, beginning of October 2011.

The last time he had been in Havana was in early 2010.

His comments, about what he found in his latest trip, are in quotes.


Goats having "lunch" in Centro Habana between the Hospital and Vedado

I have to say that nothing about Castro's Cuba surprises me anymore, but I have never seen goats on a Havana street before.

Their owner must have been close by or their would have ended up on someone's "chilindrón."

It is possible that these goats belong to some santería priest, since our friend noted some santería signs close by.


"This is the corner of Colon and San Lazaro, the three way intersection. This building is in much worse shape than 5 years ago"


Security Cameras

Our friend noticed many more security cameras than in previous trips.

"Many people told me they where put in to make the area safer .. but some younger folks told me they where put in to intimidate the Ladies in White.
I don't know. Just repeating what was said"

Security cameras at the entrance of the Hotel Inglaterra

Security camera on Obispo Street

Our friend also noticed there was more police with dogs on the street this time, than he had seen on previous trips

How sad! Havana looks like a city that was bombed

"The results of a section of an upper floor caving in. The roof leaks, rots the wooden joist, eventually they cave in and leave a concrete shell. You see it over and over. Simple maintenance is the key on these buildings as simple as buckets of tar or buckets of paint. Its STUPID!"

Yes, this building is occupied

The old RCA Victor building still stands

Comment from our friend: "This job site is exactly the same as it was 1 1/2 years ago"

And now, on top of everything else, graffitti

Not even his own propaganda can survive under Hurricane Castro

And the building of the committee of "chivatos" is not faring any better

Whether you are young or old, there is no work, no future, no hope

The "fruit market" and the "meat market" Buy at your own risk!

The "fruit market"

The "meat market"