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Castro and his first wife, Mirta Diaz-Balart with their son, Fidelito, in 1952

"Fidelito" Castro today. He is 57 and loves to wear Lacoste shirts

Natalia Revuelta, the mother of Castro's daughter Alina

Natalia Revuelta and Alina

The Cuban dictator with his daughter Alina, who escaped Cuba in 1993 and is now living in exile in Miami

The dictator making a toast. Take a look at the luxurious table setting.

Raul Castro (holding glasss) and his brother, at a party in Havana with friends

The dicator's wife, Dalia Soto del Valle, her son Alejandro Castro Soto del Valle and his girlfriend, enjoying the good life at a Havana restaurant where regular Cubans are not allowed.

An old photo of the dictator on his yacht celebrating the 3rd. birthday of his son Angel. His sons Alexis, Alejandro and Alex are standing. Castro's wife Dalia is sitting next to Antonio and Angel

Angel Castro and his wife Adriana; Miguel Angel Terán, a Mexican businessman; Alejandro Castro and his wife Yuliet; Mexican journalist Ricardo Estrada; and Alex Castro with his wife Odalys at a Havana restaurant in 2005

Some of Castro's sons with Dalia Soto del Valle: Alex; a friend; Alexis; Angel; a Mexican Businessman; Alejandro

The dictator with his brothers Ramón and Raúl and sisters Agustina, Emma and Lidia. Photo was taken in the 1980s

Alex and Alejandro Castro, who is wearing an "imperialist" t-shirt with the name of the capital of the United States, with two Mexican friends

On the left Antonio Castro, who is a physician, meeting with a group of doctors from the United States in 2005.