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Tweet from Yoani Sánchez about the Web Paqs for Cuba project


New technology allows Cubans in Cuba access to websites banned by the Castro regime

Sept. 25 - Since September of 2012, we have been working in collaboration with the webmaster of the blog La Singularidad Cuba (The Cuba Singularity) to help young Cubans to break the Internet blockade imposed by the Castro brothers.
I have always thought that the worst enemy of a totalitarian regime is the Internet, together with the new technologies that have been developed in the last few years.
Therealcuba.com together with the blog La Singularidad Cuba is making available weekly updates to an “Offline Web Package for Cubans” available for download.
The packages contain various high demand websites banned in Cuba.
They can be downloaded by any person in any country that has free Internet access, decompressed and copied into USB flash drives, cell phone's internal memory, SD cards for cell phones, DVDs or any other type of electronic media.


Another video from Cuba: Using an iPod to navigate the WebPaq

Dec. 10 - More and more WebPaqs continue arriving in Cuba.

This time, the video shows someone inside Cuba using an iPod at a park to navigate through the more than 30 different websites containe on the WebPaq, including Cubanet, El Nuevo Herald, Cruzar Las Alambradas, Revolico, Generación Y, etc.

If you want to cooperate in this project but don't know or cannot download the packages yourself to send it to contacts in Cuba, you can help by donating to this project to help purchase the DVDs, flash memory, SD cards for cell phones and with the cost of sending them to Cuba on a weekly basis.


Yoani: Cuban authorities are worried about web paqs circulating inside Cuba

Sept. 13 - Tweet from Yoani Sánchez:

"Authorities worried because of "packages" or "combos" with a collection of audiovisuals in the black market"

As I have said before, projects like Web Paqs for Cuba are the best way to bypass the blockade at the Internet, put in place by the Castro dictatorship to prevent Cubans in the island from knowing what's happening inside Cuba and in the rest of the world.

You can learn more about Web Paqs for Cuba and how you can get involved in this project at

 La Singularidad Cuba (Español)  Twitter and FaceBook


Twit by Cuban blogger Orlando Luis Pardo about Paquetes Web Para Cuba


El Nuevo Herald: Experts in Miami break the censorship to the Internet in Cuba

November 11 - Jorge Utset and a group of computer experts work diligently every weekend on a mission as ingenious as it is risky: expand the flow of uncensored information to Cuba by sending USB drives, CDs and SIM memory cards for cell phones.
Each unit contains a thorough and comprehensive "package" of more than twenty websites, blogs and online news portals that Cuban authorities block consistently on the island in order to curb opposition voices and continue to control with an iron fist a monopoly on the news.
"We are always looking for ways to help ordinary people in Cuba to have access to information," said Utset, a Miami-based Cuban American.
Utset explained that they use an advanced technology that allows users on the island to "surf" the content of websites that are recorded in Miami and that the user in Cuba can without the user in Cuba having the need to connect to the internet.
"We record the material in very small memory cards and DVDs that are difficul to be be intercepted by the Cuban authorities," said Utset.
Shipments of memory drives, CDs and SIM cards began three months ago. To date over 150 'web packages' have been successfully sent to the island through different means, including people traveling to the island, agencies that send packages to Cuba and other means.
The websites that are recorded regularly for Cubans on the island include El Nuevo Herald, the Cuban Law Association, Revolico and Cubanet.
But not all is political information and news dispatches. The group has also been given the task to include beauty tips, entertainment, humor and sports on each web package.

"The last package had between 25 and 30 sites. Each package has the complete information that is on the website. We're not talking about a page or maybe the cover. The entire site is downloaded" said Utset.

Read more El Nuevo Herald (Spanish)


he Cuban regime boring 'response' to our offline WebPaqs project

Dec. 26 - The number of offline WebPaqs reaching Cuba continues to grow and beginning in January it will go full blast thanks to new partnerships we have formed inside and outside Cuba.
Now, the Cuban regime wants to copy what we are doing and have their boring Ecured, a cheap Wikipedia knock-off full of propaganda and lies, available offline for cell phones and for those without access to the Internet. They are planning to send it to other countries including the US. It is a sign that the WebPaqs are having an effect.
But, the reality is they simply cannot compete with the offline versions of Wikipedia that are already available and distributed in Cuba or with the WebPaqs that offer more than 40 diverse and interesting websites featuring sports, entertainment and popular banned blogs.
No one will stop them from sending their garbage here because this is a free country where everyone can read whatever they want, but very few people will waste their time reading the garbage put up by the Castro brothers propaganda machine.
As a matter of fact, anyone here has access to anything that the Castro regime puts on the Internet, because the Internet here is not blocked, as it is in Castro's Cuba.
We will continue sending more and more WebPaqs to Cuba to provide the Cuban people the information their brutal rulers want to prevent them from having.  Click here to read Castro's Cuba declaration of Cyber War (Spanish)


Noticiero Telemundo Sunday November 11, 2012


Maria Elvira Salazar TV Program Monday November 12, 2012


A second video from Cuba of another user demonstrating the Offline Web Package navigation

This video is much clearer than the previous one:

 A few weeks ago we reported that we were working together with the webmaster of the blog La Singularidad Cuba (The Cuba Sigularity), to help young Cubans break the Internet blockade imposed by the Castro brothers, through the use of the Offline Web Package technology, which allows access to currently blockaded news and information websites without requiring access to the Internet.

The results so far, both from inside and outside Cuba, have exceeded our expectations.
This video taken inside Cuba, see the CubaCel logo at the beginning and end of the video, demonstrates how Offline Web Package navigation works using a cell phone with Symbian technology (typically used in outdated and low cost cell-phones in underdeveloped countries such as Castro’s Cuba).
The video shows navigation of the package using the web browser Opera Mobile. Two websites are navigated as a demo, including “Generation Y" of prominent Cuban Blogger Yoani Sanchez, which are blockaded inside Cuba.

As can be seen, free blogs, news and entertainment sites can now be available to Cuban youth through this technology. No more information monopoly for the Castro regime. From now on waiting at bus stops will not be so boring for young Cubans.

Many thanks to those who are downloading and helping disseminate these packages, specially those inside Cuba who are taking a risk when copying and distributing them among their friends and relatives.
For this project to succeed we need as many people as possible to get involved.
If you want to help, but cannot download the Offline Packages yourself or don't have people to send it to inside Cuba, you can still help by sending a donation to therealcuba.com or contacting us directly to become an sponsor.
This will help pay for the cost of purchasing DVDs, flash memory, SD cards for cell phones and other media and for delivering them to people inside Cuba, who in turn are copying and distributing them among their friends.

You can also send a check to: The Real Cuba - PO Box 835308 - Miami FL 33283-5308

These packages are not only being sent to Havana, but also to other cities in Cuba. We will keep you informed of further developments regarding this project.

Click here for any questions or suggestions.


All of these media are very cheap, small and can easily be sent to people in Cuba that are hungry for this type of information.
In the last 2 months, we have sent several of these shipments to Cuba using different types of media and they have not only been received, but also the people who received them made many more copies to distribute among friends and relatives.

Each package includes not only websites like El Nuevo Herald and Yoani Sanchez' Generación Y, with news and information about Cuba and the rest of the world, but also websites that have to do with sports, entertainment and other subjects of interest to young Cubans.
However, for this to be really effective, we need as many people as possible participating in this project and for the shipments to be sent to different cities and rural towns in Cuba.

See a video of how it works. Browsing offline websites from a smart phone disconnected from the Internet:

I hope you'll join us in this project. If you have any questions or suggestions please send me an e-mail to webmaster@therealcuba.com

Also, visit our blog with questions and answers (Spanish): Blog