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Many Castro apologists try to justify the poverty in Cuba saying that you can find the same poverty

in many other countries. But what these people do not say is that those other countries didn't have

to suffer a revolution that caused tens of thousands of deaths, millions of refugees, the loss of all

liberties, and that supposedly was needed in order to improve the life of ALL citizens.

After more than 47 years, there is much more poverty in Cuba than ever before.

Except for Castro and his gang who are the new millionaires, the 11 million Cubans have to suffer

the exploitation of the omnipotent state, rationed food, lack of housing and the indignity of being

second class citizens in their own country.

It is the worse form of capitalism, the capitalism of the state.

But incredibly enough, there are some Latin American countries that want to copy this failed and

obsolete system and there are even some moronic Americans who claim that we should imitate

some of the things that Castro has done!



Who said that there were no homeless in Cuba?