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Video of a young man protesting on August 13 in Obispo Street in Habana Vieja

August 14 - You can hear him yelling "Abajo Fidel" and throwing leaflets before Castro's Gestapo takes him away.


Revealing Cuba with Dr. Oscar Elías Biscet

August 9 - A new initiative by the Lawton Foundation for Human Rights:

Dr. Óscar Elías Biscet and the Lawton Foundation for Human Rights present Revelando Cuba (Revealing Cuba). Produced and distributed in Cuba, this news program gives viewers in-depth context and analysis of international and domestic events.
Revelando Cuba also features commentary by Dr.Biscet and guest interviews, covering topics that affect the day-to-day lives of the Cuban people. This first-of-its-kind program will educate Cubans about important events they would otherwise not hear about from the island's government-controlled media. Revelando Cuba - episode one- is currently being distributed on the island.
Please spread the word about this new initiative. Subscribe to our Youtube page to learn about future episodes. You can also email the program at Revelandocuba@gmail.com


Video of last Sunday protest at the Capitol building in Havana

August 8 - Hablemos Press has published this video of last Sunday protest at Havana's Capitol building.

The protesters were arrested a few minutes after this video was taken.

The protesters carried signs reading: "Freedom for the Cuban People," "Down With Injustices," "Down With the Dictatorship," "Freedom for Political Prisoners" and "Long Live Human Rights."


Video of Castro's Gestapo beating and arresting dissidents during Payá's funeral


Videos of the explosion at a gas station in Santiago de Cuba

Two videos obtained by UNPACU (Unión Patriótica de Cuba) of an explosion that ripped through a gas station on August 28 in the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba, injuring at least 31 people.
The blast occurred when the driver of a government-operated truck struck a gas tank, which tipped over and spilled its contents.
When the firemen arrived, they were unable to control the flow of gasoline coming from the ruptured gas tank and, ignoring the dangerous situation, didn't do anything to keep people away or to prevent dozens of others to risk their lives using all kind of receptacles to collect the gasoline, that they would later try to sell in the black market and probably make more money than they made in a full month working for the government.

The explosion took place about 10 minutes after the accident occurred, seconds after the police finally arrived and people started running away for fear of being arrested if caught with the jars full of gasoline.

You could hear people yelling at the firemen and police to help the people who were getting burned.

First video: The accident

Second video: The fire


Las Damas and their fight for control of the streets of Cuba

Oct. 2 - A video by Tracy Eaton, who was the bureau chief in Cuba for the Dallas Morning News

Las Damas and their fight for the streets of Cuba from Tracey Eaton on Vimeo.

This is life in the real Cuba: Water is only available once a month

July 12 - One of the recommendations of the Cuban regime to combat the cholera outbreak is to boil the water.

But many Cubans, like these residents of Palma Soriano, are asking: How can we boil something that we don't have?

These residents of the town of Amelia in Plama Soriano, complain that water is only available once a month.

Warning: Strong language at minute 1:24 (In Spanish)


Why do you fight?

July 11 - A documentary by Luis Felipe Rojas about Cuban dissidents.

In Spanish with English subtitles.


Castro needs help to get in a car to go see the Pope

March 28 - The Cuban dictator needs the help of at least three people to be able to get him inside a car.

Imágenes de la reunión entre Benedicto XVI y... by Globovision


UNIVISION video of the man protesting at the mass in Santiago de Cuba

March 27 - You can hear the poor man yelling "No one paid me anything", after being accused by Castro's thugs of being a mercenary paid by the United States.

"They are going to beat me", he told the journalists that were nearby.

No one knows where he is at this hour, or even if he is dead or alive.



Human rights activists use their bodies to block Castro's military vehicle

July 1 - Members of UNPACU (Unión Patriótica de Cuba) in Palmarito de Cauto, Santiago de Cuba, used their bodies to block a military jeep carrying soldiers who were trying to arrest other members of the organization.


Confrontation in Geneva

June 30 -  Thor Halvorssen, the Venezuelan-born head of the Human Rights Foundation -- whose mother was shot by Chavez forces --  took the floor at the United Nation Human Rights Council in Geneva to challenge Venezuela's Chavez regime and its bid for a seat on the Council., as well as those of existing members Cuba, China, Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Shouting repeatedly for the U.N. chair to stop the speech, the Cuban delegate flew into a range, fists banging on the table, and even knocked over his chair.


CNN report: "This is the brutality of the Castro regime"


New documentary shows the cruelty of Castro's prisons


Amnesty International: Routine repression in Cuba


The Castro regime unveils a new repressive method against The Ladies in White

May 14 - The fascist regime in Cuba assembled 'dancers' in front of the home of the late Laura Pollán, to prevent about 40 members of the Ladies in White to leave the house where they had assembled to pay tribute to the founder of the movement.

On Sunday, about 60 members of the Ladies defied the regime and attended Mass and later marched as they have been doing on Sunday for several years.

Here is a video of what happened on Saturday in front of the home of Laura Pollán.


A repugnant video

March 31 - Fidel Castro at the apostolic nunciature in Havana to meet with the pope.

The papal nuncio welcomes the dictator "Comandante, I am a student of a very dear friend of yours, Monsignor Sacchi".

Sacchi was papal nuncio in the mid 60s and Cubans don't have very fond memories of him, precisely because he was considered too friendly to the regime.

The papal nuncio more than one time tells the murderer of thousands of Cubans, including hundreds of Catholics: "God bless you comandante"

Iinside, the pope gives Castro the medals of his pontificate and then pose for "family pictures."

And the last word from the papal nuncio to the dictator before leaving was "Felicidades."

Remember this video next time you are at a Catholic Mass and they pass the collection plate around.


One archbishop with dignity

March 30 - Watch this video taken inside the terminal at the José Martí airport in Havana, minutes before Pope Benedict boarded the plane for his return trip to Rome.

The farewell ceremony had to be moved inside the airport because of a rain storm.

Cuban bishops were saying goodbye to the pope and also shaking the bloody hands of Cuban dictator Raúl Castro.

But one of them, Monsignor Dionisio Garcia Ibañez, Achbishop of Santiago de Cuba, left the dictator with his hand extended and walked away.

Look at the face of the dictator after Monsignor García Ibañez refused to shake hands with him. He didn't know what to do.

Seconds later, it was the turn for  Monsignor Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Garcia Menocal, Vicar General of Havana, one of the most repugnant members of Cuba's Catholic Church.

As you can see, he not only shook hands with the Cuban tyrant but also embraced him and even after it was the turn for another two bishops to salute the dictator, Céspedes didn't want to move from the side of his idol. He came back one more time to joke with Raúl.

Céspedes used to always give Fidel Castro a military salute of "Mi comandante."

Monsignor Dionisio García is the fourth one shaking the Pope's hand.


Video of a mob controlled by the Cuban regime, attacking the home of Maritza Castro in Havana

Jan. 12 - On Tuesday, January 10, the home of Cuban dissident Maritza Castro was attacked by a paramilitary mob under the control of Cuba's State Security.

The mob threw rocks and used wood stick to break the windows of the activist's home.


A member of the Cuban Red Cross beating a peaceful dissident

March 27 - In normal countries, the Red Cross is a volunteer organization that provides help to those in need.
The Red Cross provides shelter, food, and health and mental health services to address basic human needs and support to those who have suffered a disaster.
But not in Castro's Cuba.
As could be seen in the following video, a thug wearing the Cuban Red Cross t-shirt, used a folded stretcher to hit from the back a poor Cuban while he was being held by State Security agents, for protesting the longer disaster in history: The 53 year long dictatorship of the Castro brothers.

Even the Red Cross has become a tool for terrorizing the population under the Castro brothers' tyranny.


Cubanos - life and death of a revolution

Cubanos, a completely independent production, liberates itself from television convention to draw an impressionist portrait of the Cuban community. Sincere interviews and sequence shots reveal an identity fragmented by more than 50 years of dictatorship, a people struggling to leave the 20th century behind. While music may barely camouflage the misery and corruption in Cuba, the sounds of engines and commercial radio can’t mask the cultural gap between the island and the very active community in Miami.

The main character, Catuey, a Cuban musician who has been living in Québec for a number of years, brings to his journey and his songs the image of an ideal Cuba hurt by the division in its people and the group-think that prevails in Miami. Confronted with the contradictions among his countrymen and his own demons, Catuey ends his odyssey drained and disappointed not to have found a simple path to reconciliation. The film steers clear of the pitfalls of sensationalist news, taking a more holistic approach to the identity issues the Cuban community will face upon the death of Fidel Castro.

Click here to see the video


Video shows Cuba's State Security agents using a blanket to prevent filming the arrest of dissidents

Feb. 10 - A group of Cuban ladies belonging to the Rosa Parks civil rights movement, staged a protest on February 1st. to ask for freedom and respect of human rights, as they have been doing on the first of every month.
They also demanded that the Castro regime releases Yasmin Conlledo Riveron and her husband Yusmari Rafel Álvarez Esmoris arrested since January 8.
The women were promptly detained by members of Castro's State Security.
To try to prevent other dissidents from videotaping the arrests, two Cuban agents held a blanket in front of the camera as can be seen here.


A video from inside Castro's Gulag

March 10 - Members of Unión Patriótica de Cuba (UNPACU) were able to take this video inside a jail cell at Santiago de Cuba Micro 9 police station, using a cell phone.



The Combinado del Este videos

Videos taken with a concealed digital camera inside the Combinado del Este prison in Havana in January 2012.

Combinado del Este is Cuba's largest prison with more than 5,000 inmates.

Some of the videos are narrated in English by foreign inmates currently serving time at Combinado del Este.






Video of a protest on December 24 in Mayabeque

Dec. 27 - From Hablemos Press: On December24, four human rights activists began a protest at 8:00 AM in the town of Güines, Mayabeque province.
The human rights activists demanded the release of Yvonne Malleza Galano, Haydee Isabel Álvarez and Ignacio Martinez Mosquera Montero, who are currently in jail for realizing a similar protest.


Gorki Aguila and Porno Para Ricardo present: Concert from the balcony

Dec. 20 - Gorki Aguila and his punk rock band 'Porno para Ricardo,' are not allowed by the Castro regime to perform in public because of  their anti-Castro themes.

Earlier this month, Gorki decided to give a concert from the balcony of his home to protest for not being allowed to perform in public.

Within minutes, several members of the infamous CDRs (Committees for the Defense of the Robolution) came out and soon after that the electricity to Gorki's home was cut.

Here is the video of everything that happened. The video is in Spanish and it contains some strong language. El vídeo es en español y contiene lenguaje fuerte.


Brutal repression against dissidents in Palma Soriano caught on tape

Dec. 17 - Video of Castro's guards arresting and beating Cuban dissidents on December 12, 2011 in the city of Palma Soriano.

The dissidents were pushed inside and taken to prison in what looks like a school bus like the ones used in the United States, probably one of those donated by the so called "Pastors for Peace" to the Cuban dictator.


Video: Opposition and Repression in Cuba

Dec. 5 The video, “Opposition and Repression in Cuba,” (5 min) produced by the Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies (ICCAS) of the University of Miami is now available: click here to view it


Video of the protest at Havana's Parque de la Fraternidad

Dec. 1 - A protest took place yesterday at Havana's Parque de la Fraternidad (Fraternity Park).

Here is a translation by our friend Alberto de la Cruz at Babalu of what CubaEncuentro reported about the protest:

"Activists displayed a sheet with the words "Stop the lies and deception of the Cuban people" and "End the hunger, the misery, and the poverty in Cuba"
Activists Ivonne Malleza and Blanca Hernández Moya led a protest this Wednesday against the island's government at the Fraternity Park in Havana, say sources from the dissidence.
Malleza Galano, who is 33, and Hernandez Moya, 77, displayed a sheet with the phrases "Stop the lies and deception of the Cuban people" and "End the hunger, the misery, and the poverty in Cuba," said Mayra Morejon to CUBAENCUENTRO, who was also present at the protest.
Morejon explained that for almost 20 minutes, the activists demanded from the government "food for the children, liberty for the Cuban people, and a raise in pensions" for the elderly, among other demands.
The activists said that while the women were protesting, "two police officers came running" and attempted to "take away Ivonne's sheet." But the crowd gathered around her came out in her defense and demanded that the police let her go, and then the police officers "backed away from her."
According to Morejon, more police and patrol cars arrived and began "pepper spraying the people." They arrested Malleza Galano, her husband, Ignacio Martinez Moreno, who was beaten, and Hernandez Moya. All of them are currently at the Zanja y Dragones police station in Central Havana, said the activist.
Morejon also stated that Yordani Biset was also arrested, " a young man who was on his cell phone, but who had nothing to do with the protest. This young man has nothing to do with us, he is not a member of the opposition. He was just a spectator in the crowd, and they aggressively threw him into a police car. He has nothing to do with this," Morejon said."

Here is a video about the protest, shown on "A Mano Limpia" with Oscar Haza on Miami's Channel 41:


State Security agents trying to stop a demonstration in support of Sara Marta Fonseca

Oct. 4 - Cuban State Security agents trying to stop supporters of Cuban dissident Sara Marta Fonseca from leaving their house to ask for her release from prison.

You can see the Castro agents filming the dissidents in an effort to scare them.

The Castro thugs were unable to stop these courageous men and women from doing what they were planning on doing, even though they knew they were going to suffer beatings at the hands of these criminals.


Complete video of the September 24 protests in Rio Verde, Boyeros

Sept. 28 - Protesters chanting "The streets belong to the people", "Down with Cuba's Communist Party". "Libertad", "Down with the dictatorship", "Down with Fidel and Raul Castro", "We demand free elections"  are attacked by State Security agents in civilian clothes and thugs organized and supervised by the Cuban regime.  Several of the protesters were arrested.


Brutal repression against a woman who was protesting in Havana

August 12 -A few days ago, Ivonne Mayesa Galano held a sign on the steps of the Cuban Capitol asking the regime to end its brutal repression against women and to open the jails and free all political prisoners. She was detained and later released.

On August 5, a patrol car was parked all day in front of her house to stop her from going out.

When she tried to leave her house, she was forcibly arrested by the five male thugs, some in civilian clothes and some wearing uniforms.

The brutal incident was caught on tape. You could hear people yelling at the Castro thugs: "Abusers", "Down with the dictatorship."

On August 8, she was arrested again for once again carrying a sign asking the regime to end its repression of women dissidents.

Meanwhile, two women, US Rep. Barbara Lee and Rep. Lynn Woolsey, both Democrats of California, were in Cuba being wined and dined by Raul Castro and his daughter Mariela.

As expected, they didn't say one word about the brutality of their hosts against Cuban women.

Now they will return to the US, ask for the end of the embargo, the release of the five spies, and wait for the next invitation of the Castro brothers to enjoy another vacation at their farm.

Hypocrite bitches!


Fidel Castro: A documentary of how a lunatic dictator destroyed the Cuban nation

Sept. 24 - Documentary by Ricardo Vega and Zoe Valdes showing how a demented dictator was able to destroy the Cuban nation.
Among some of Castro's craziest ideas: Air conditioners for the heads of cows to improve the production of milk; the 10 million ton sugar harvest that fell way short; his plan to export millions of egg and tons of meat to Europe.
How laws were "approved" unanimously by simply getting thousands of people in 'robolution' square and asking them to raise their hands.
It is in Spanish with French subtitles.


Documentary "Cuba's Hope" with English subtitles

Sept. 14 - In 2008, Fidel Castro handed over control of Cuba to his younger brother, Raul. Since then, people around the world have predicted significant changes in the lives of the Cuban people -- especially in the lives of young Cubans.
While hope springs eternal, the Cuban government's continued use of laws that violate basic standards of international human rights makes it almost impossible for citizens to openly voice their desires for change. Despite the obstacles, many young people in Cuba risk their lives to work for a better, more just future.
In the spring of 2011, Livio, an independent librarian and Cuban youth leader, visited five people: a blogger, a student, a professor, a journalist and a musician. These are their stories.
Produced by In Altum Productions; Written and Edited by Jordan Allott; Shot by Anonymous; Graphic Design Suzann "Sooki" Yo Martinsen; Special Thanks to the following organizations in Cuba: Juventud Activa Cuba Unida; Porno Para Ricardo; The blog - Octavo Cerco; Programa Cultural Libertad


Documentary "Cuba y Los Elefantes" with subtitles in English

Sept. 10 - This documentary was made by Peru's Institute for Political Freedom.

Includes interviews with Dr. Darsi Ferrer, Jorge Luis García Pérez "Antunez" and other dissidents.

It will help you to better understand the reality of life under the tyranny of the Castro brothers


A video of Camagüey and Oriente, before the plague of human termites destroyed them


Video of a protest in Guantanamo


Confrontation in Holguín Cuba, when Castro's police doesn't allow a couple to visit the home of friends

May 20 -  This took place on May 1, 2011.

Castro's police blocking the entrance to the home of Maria Antonia Hidalgo Mir, President of FLAMUR (Federacion Latinoamericana de Mujeres Rurales) and José Ramón Pupo Nieve, Director of the Partido Republicano de Cuba, in Holguín, Cuba.
Franklin Peregrino del Toro, Director of the Partido Republicano de Cuba, in the municipality of Cacocum, his wife and daughter were not allowed by Castro's police to enter the house to visit the family.
The small child happens to be the goddaughter of María Antonia Hidalgo.
You can hear Franklin Peregrino yelling: "Abajo la dictadura" "Vivan los derechos humanos". (Down with the dictatorship - Long live human rights).
One of Castro's thugs is seen nervously calling on his cell phone asking for instructions on what to do with this courageous couple holding a small child.
"Why won't you let the child see her godmother?", Peregrino's wife asks the thugs blocking the entrance to the home.
"They went to a doctor appointment and they peacefully came by to say hello", Maria Antonia tells the agents.
But the brutal officers are scared to death of a couple holding a small child and refuse to let them in the house.
"Assassins, assassins, Down with the dictatorship," Franklin Peregrino yells at the Castro thugs blocking his family's entrance to their friends' home.
"Why are you so scared?," María Antonia asks the thugs, but they do not respond. "The Castros do not use their own sons to do this, they use silly people like you," she tells them.
The woman holding the child tells the officers "Are you going to beat me? Beat me, after all that's what you people do. Are you going to beat my daughter also? You are dogs, that's what you are. Aren't you ashamed? Why can't you let her give a kiss to her godchild?"
Finally, the thug who has been on the cell phone all the time calls for reinforcements. They feel threatened by a couple holding a small child.
A police car comes and takes Franklin Peregrino away. They physically abuse his wife while their friends yell at the state security thugs to leave her alone.
"You are real terrorists", María Antonia yells at the officers.
After Franklin is taken away by Castro's Gestapo, his wife is finally allowed to take her child to see her godmother and get a kiss from her.
It is incredible that this is happening in the XXI Century, only 90 miles from the coast of Florida, and the world doesn't care!


A desperate Cuban who finally couldn't take it anymore

May 20 - (UPDATE) The person protesting is the brother in law of Sonia Garro.
Sonia had been arrested for protesting the beating death of Cuban dissident Juan Wilfredo Soto Garcia at the hands of Cuban police.
In the last video, you can see when Sonia arrives home after being released by Castro's state security, and the man wielding the machete comes out of the house to greet her.
After his sister in law was released, he ended his protest.


A Cuban in the city of Marianao painted his house with anti-Castro signs and and began a protest all by himself.

The protester seems to be wielding a machete.

He had some very strong words not only for the Castro brothers, but also for one person who showed support for the regime.

You could hear him yelling: "Libertad, libertad" (Freedom, freedom).

On the third video, he gets into a strong argument with that other person who is threatening to "cut his tongue." He grabs a couple of rocks and tells the guy to "come and do it."

Warning - Some very strong words are heard. All in Spanish

H/T PenultimosDias


Avideo of Cuba before the Castros came in and destroyed it

A video of Cuba in the lat 50s. Interesting enough, it was produced by Carlos Franqui, who later became the director of the news rag "Revolución" after Castro came to power. He later moved to Puerto Rico after breaking with Castro and died there about a year ago.

H/T Babalu


Public anti-government protest in Colon, Matanzas, Cuba

Members of the Frente Nacional de Resistencia Cívica y Desobediencia Civil Orlando Zapata Tamayo (Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Front for Civic Resistance and Civil Disobedience) took part in this public protest on September 28, 2010 in Colon, Matanzas.

"Down with the Castros," "Respect for Human Rights" and "Down with the dictatorship" are some of the things that could be heard during the protest.


Elvis Presley Cuban Style

Al Caveda was born in Cuba and later grew up in Chicago.

Caveda hooked up with Miami pianist and producer Orlando "Landy" Mosqueda, as well as a guitarist, a bajo player and a Latin brass section to come up with Cuba Recalls Elvis.
Great music.  Enjoy!


Danny Glover asks for the release of "political prisoners," but not the real ones

Aug. 25 - It is hard to tell if Danny Glover is the typical useful idiot, if he is a masochist-racist who likes to see a white slave trader exploiting, jailing and torturing millions of Cubans, the majority of them Black, or if he is being blackmailed by the blackmailer in chief with compromising videos taken during his many visits to Cuba.

With prisoners of conscience like Oscar Elías Biscet languishing in Castro's jails, without having had the opportunity to a free trial and for the only crime of wanting to live in freedom, Danny Glover made this video to ask President Obama to free the five spies that were sent here by Castro and who were convicted on an American court, and who have had access to high-paid lawyers who have appealed their sentences in higher courts in more than one occasion.

According to Danny Glover, the spies came here to fight "terrorism."

For this miserable piece of cow manure, the Cubans who had to leave the island fleeing his fascist idol, are all terrorists.


Direct from Norway: Blue Danube Cuban style



A video of Havana B.C.

Havana in the late 1950s, before Castro and his band of human termites came in and destroyed it.


Watch Castro's Gestapo abusing young Black Cubans

Castro's police beating a group of young Black Cubans. At the end, they pull one of them from the patrol car to beat him one more time, even though he is handcuffed.

I am sure that when Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte, Naomi Campbell and the Black Caucus see this video, they'll be very proud and will send e-mails congratulating the "white masters' in Cuba for a job well done.

Click here  to see the video.


Andy García: I feel Cuba

A beautiful video narrated by the Cuban born actor


Glen Beck: The Real che Guevara


Fidel Castro, a vulgar liar in any language

Click to hear Castro lying in English

Click to hear Castro lying in English with Portuguese subtitles

Click to hear Castro lying in English with Spanish subtitles

Click to hear Castro lying in Spanish and also in English


A video of Havana in the 1930s, long before the Castro gang came in and destroyed it

A tour of the city of Havana, in the 1930s filmed by Andre de la Varre.

Compare it with the Havana of today, 50 years after the Castro brothers and their gang of human termites came in ad destroyed everything.

Havana in the 1930s


Cuban humor: Making fun at their own problems and lack of freedom in the island


"This is my house"

A resident of Old Havana shows how most Cubans live after 50 years of an oppressive and racist totalitarian regime. Video is in English


Cuban Sushi: Lágrimas Negras in Japanese!

An excellent interpretation by a Japanese group of Lagrimas Negras (Black Tears), the famous Cuban song by Trio Matamoros.


The "Quivicán Sound Machine"

Can you imagine what this Cuban would be able to do if he had access to all the musical instruments required?

He is much better than all those who performed at Juanes' Concert for Peace.


A Latin American president who was not afraid of Castro

Francisco Guillermo Flores Pérez  was the president of El Salvador from 1999 until 2004 and a member of the Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA). He majored in political science at Amherst College in Massachusetts, United States, and received a Master's in philosophy at World University. Flores then continued his education at Harvard University and at Oxford University in Great Britain.

During the 10th. Ibero-American Summit which took place in Panama in November of 2000, Castro, the only dictator that participated in that summit, accused Flores of harboring "terrorists" who wanted to kill him. Castro was accustomed to tell all kind of lies and make accusations during those summits and the Latin American presidents who were present never had the guts to answer back.

But Flores was different, he accused Castro of being responsible for the deaths of "thousands of Salvadorian citizens," of training guerrillas to try to overthrow democratically elected governments in Latin America and of protecting terrorists. Look at Castro's face while Flores was answering him. Castro must have suffered his first intestinal crisis on that day.  Click here to see the video (In Spanish)


The education  farce

How Cuban children are indoctrinated when they attend school

Part I  Part II


Cuba before Castro

Part I   Part II


The truth about Cuba (La verdad de Cuba) Click here


Fotos de Familia  Click here


How Castro lied to and betrayed the Cuban people: Paradise Betrayed


Metamorphosis of a dictator: Castro through the years


A video with many of the photos of The Real Cuba


The real Cuba 2006: Click here


The lies of Castro: Click here


For the first time on the Internet

Our friends at "Basta de Opresión" have posted the trial of Cuban General Arnaldo Ochoa, who was betrayed by the Castro brothers in 1989 and executed together with other high officers of Cuba's armed forces.

Ochoa  participated in the guerrilla war against Batista and later became a high ranking member of Castro's armed forces and of the Communist Party. Between 1967 and 1969, Ochoa was sent by Castro to train rebels in the Congo and later took part in an expedition into Venezuela to try to overthrow the democratically elected government of that country.

In 1975, Ochoa was sent to fight in a critical campaign against the FNLA in Angola. In 1977 he was named commander of Cuban Expeditionary Forces in Ethiopia under the command of Soviet General Petrov.

In 1980, Ochoa was awarded the title "Hero of the Revolution" by Castro.

Ochoa, together with two other close confidants of the Cuban dictator, Tony and Patricio de la Guardia, were later accused by Castro of being involved in drug trafficking and other illegal activities without his knowledge. Anyone who knows how Castro has ruled Cuba for the last 48 years knows it is impossible to do most of the things that Ochoa and the de la Guardia twin brothers were accused of doing, unless they had the approval of Castro and his brother Raul.

It is said that after a lengthy investigation, Washington was ready to come up with an indictment of the Castro brothers for drug trafficking. Someone informed Castro of what the Americans were planning and he came out with the farce that Ochoa and the others were doing this without his knowledge.

Here is the link to a 1991 Frontline program: Cuba and Cocaine 

Relatives and associates of some of the men who were executed have said that Fidel Castro visited Ochoa and the other people accused, while they were being held in jail before the trial began, and promised them that if they testified that everything that they did had been done on their own and without his knowledge and that of the Cuban regime, their lives would be spared and they would be later set free.

They went along, but as always happens with anyone who trusts the Cuban dictator, they were betrayed and Ochoa and several of the others, including one of the de la Guardia twins, were executed. The others were sent to jail.

Click here here to watch the video of the Ochoa trial. It is in English and some parts are in Spanish with English subtitles. Scroll to the middle of the page and click the "Play" button under each of the large five images.

Thanks to Lenny, of "Basta de Opresión," for the link