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Thanks to Janet Reno, Eric Holder and Bill Clinton, Elian is now a full slave of the Castro brothers


April 5, 2010 - Ten years after his kidnapping and forced return to Cuba, Elian González is now a member of the army that keeps in place the military dictatorship from which his own mother tried to escape.

Elian's mother gave her life to make sure that Elian was able to grow in a free country, where he was free to study, express his opinions without going to jail, work for whoever he wanted, start his own business if he chose to do that, in other words, live like a free man.

But her sacrifice was in vain.

False religious leaders, high paid lawyers and coward politicians conspired to force Elian to go back to Cuba and become another slave of a regime that the United States labels as "terrorist."

And 10 years after his kidnapping, he is shown here attending a meeting of Cuba's Communist Youths this weekend and wearing the uniform of the army that supports the dictatorship that caused his mother's death.

Shame on all those who contributed to the enslavement of Elian González.


Poor Elian!

For the last six years, after he was forced to return to Cuba to become another slave, Elian Gonzalez had to celebrate his birthday with his real father, Fidel Castro. But now, the Cuban dictator is half dead and unable to attend his young slave's birthday party.

However, that doesn't mean that Elian would be able to celebrate his birthday as a normal child. Not in Castro's Cuba!

 Elian, who today became a teenager, still had to "celebrate" his birthday party in the presence of two "viejos cagalitrosos," the new dictator-in-chief and Ricardo "Watermellon Head" Alarcon.

Can you imagine? A teenager having to salute these two sinister characters on his birthday, after having been forced to do the same with Cuba's mass murderer for the last six years?

Poor Elian! I wonder if Janet Reno remembered to send him a birthday card.

Elian sits next to his biological father and his new real father, during his birthday celebration, while a woman reads a book with the dictator's face on the cover

Now Elian is the one who has to read the book. Look how happy he looks. What a great birthday present! "Gracias, papi"

Elian saluting his new "father"

And with the other "children robots" telling their master that they are willing to die for him.

Three of the "guests" at the party. Ricardo "Watermellon Head" Alarcón; Elian's new real father and his biological one. Happy Birthday Elian!

 Elian Gonzalez: Who told the truth and who lied?


After 5 years of indoctrination Elian Gonzalez told the CBS 60 Minutes interviewer that 'he never had a good moment in Miami.' Is that true? You decide.

Janet Reno said that she ordered the raid to forcefully remove Elian from his house inMiami, because "the child had to be returned to his father." Now, five years later, Elian told 60 Minutes that he considers Castro his 'father.'  Was Castro the 'father' that Reno had in mind for Elian? You decide. Fidel Castro promised that he would never use Elian Gonzalez for political purposes if the child was returned to Cuba. Did he lie? You decide.

Elian and his mom, Elizabeth Broton, before their ill fated boat trip to Florida

Elian leaving the hospital after being rescued on Thanksgiving day 1999

During the 60 Minutes interview an indoctrinated Elian said that he never had a good moment in Miami. See these photos and decide for yourself

Elian with his cousin Marisleysis

Elian in Miami playing with other children

Playing soccer at his relatives' home.

Elian celebrating his birthday in Miami

Elian opening his Christmas presents in Miami. Wouldn't that be something nice for a child to remember?

Elian with Minnie dressed as Santa

Elian with major league pitcher Orlando 'El Duque' Hernandez. Wouldn't that be another nice memory from his Miami days?

Elian with his uncle Lazaro

Elian at Lazaro's home

Elian attending school in Miami

The raid.

At 4 AM in the morning, INS guards break down the fence and entered the house to allegedly 'rescue' Elian.

Elian and one of the persons who rescued him hiding in a closet

One of the 'rescuers' entering the room where Elian was hiding

The 'rescuer' sent by Janet Reno, pointing an automatic weapon at Elian and his real life rescuer

The 'rescuer' staring at the cameraman who took these photos. You can tell that he was not happy someone was recording this 'heroic rescue.'

Elian being handed to the female agent who took him out of the house

Elian terrorized at being 'rescued' from those who had him 'kidnapped'

"We will never use Elian Gonzalez for political purposes," Fidel Castro

But that was another Castro lie.

Wouldn any normal child be terrorized at being so close to a mass murderer? Look at Elian's face

Elian has now become the dictator's pet. He shows him to his foreign friends as if Elian was a trophy.

He is forced to salute

and forced to read speeches written by Castro himself

He is forced to attend political rallies and applaud his true kidnapper

He is forced to attend the May 1 celebration

He is forced to honor an Argentinean mercenary who went to Cuba to murder his compatriots

                                              Elian's hometown

After Elian Gonzalez was forcefully returned to Cuba to become Castro's personal mascot, the Cuban dictator, knowing that his foreign friends and the press were going to be visiting and taking photos of Elian's house, ordered that his house and other houses on that block were repaired and painted.


This is the street where Elian lives now. The houses have been freshly painted and the street has been paved and is relatively clean.

Do you want to know how the rest of Elian's hometown really looks?  Click on these images of Cardenas to see how different the rest of the town looks, compared to the block where Elian lives:

 Eian's hometown, before Castro

Here is how Cardenas looked before this plague of human termites arrived in Cuba in 1959. The Arechabala rum factory, the real owners of Havana Club, was based in Cardenas. In 1960 Castro  stole the business and now he and the French company Pernod are selling the stolen version of  the Havana Club rum everywhere except in the United States.

The Arechabala family sold the right to the Havana Club name to Bacardi and this company is the only one authorized to sell  the Havana Club brand in the US.

The Arechabala rum factory before it was stolen by Castro in 1960

An inside view of the Arechabala rum factory in Cardenas B.C.

Front entrance to the Arechabala factory

Bottling the real Havana Club rum

Two million liters of the real Havana Club being aged in oak barrels

A view of the Fermentation Section

Cespedes Avenue

Another view of Cespedes Avenue

Downtown Cardenas before Castro came and destroyed it

Monument to the Cuban flag

The Teatro Cardenas

The Estrada Palma park, honoring Cuba's first president

Black and white students attending school in Cardenas.

Where was the racism that Castro and his supporters claim existed in Cuba's schools?

A catholic school in Cardenas, proving that Cuba's schools were integrated long before Castro came to power

Rethinking Elian

Tony Zizza is a freelance writer and advocate for fathers rights, who also serves as the Vice President of the State of Georgia for the nonprofit organization, Parents For Label and Drug Free Education.

Mr. Zizza was one of those who were in favor of returning Elian Gonzalez to Cuba to be with his "biological father." However, six years later Mr. Zizza now believes that he made a mistake because he didn't understand what it meant for Elian to be returned to a totalitarian society like Castro's Cuba.

According to his article "Rethinking Elian Gonzalez," one of the things that helped him change his mind is the page that we have here about Elian becoming Castro's personal pet.

"With stories and photos of Fidel Castro's "personal health" bombarding us 24/7, I have given some second serious thought into my own involvement in the infamous Elian Gonzalez case. Once you hear the name "Elian", how can you ever forget this six year old boy and the media rampage that started in late 1999, and came full circle more than six years ago? Looking back, I have come to realize that in my advocacy to advance the concept of fathers' rights, I forgot to understand that young Elian was the wrong boy and the wrong case to champion in the name of American fathers' rights. We can properly state over and over and over again that fathers, and subsequently their children, are victimized far more often in family courts  across this country, than mothers are. This must stop. However, you don't start to bring media attention to a noble cause with the wrong case. I'm speaking for myself, and understand a million and one divorced fathers will come down on me. So be it.

Now, on the surface, there should not have even been a debate about returning Elian, once found floating on an inner tube in the Florida Straits, to his father. Elian's mother was deceased, and his biological father Juan Miguel Gonzalez was his last living parent. Here's the rub. Elian was not being returned to his father in Boston or Cleveland. He, a six year old boy with his whole life ahead of him, was being returned to a totalitarian regime. A Communist dictatorship that has been ruled by the same brutal man for almost a half century. For crying out loud! Personally, but without intending to do so, I was putting a social agenda above common sense and liberty. I regret this. Terribly. I should have known better....."

"When you punch "Elian Gonzalez" into an internet search engine, there are many articles and pictures to view. My heart sank when I checked out this web site: http://www.therealcuba.com/elian_gonzalez.htm Everyone had an opinion about this case, and charges of all sorts when back and forth between all the

parties. Again, it was an unbelievable media circus, and I just didn't "get it" at the time."

Click here:  Rethinking Elian