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The Children of Cuba


                     "Children are born to be happy" 

                                     Jose Marti


But, can they be happy living under a totalitarian system like the one in Castro's Cuba?

 A Cuban child holding a photo of his mother, a political prisoner languishing in one of Castro's jails

Cubans, old and young, begging tourists for a few coins in order to survive in this society where everyone is supposed to be equal

After more than 47 years of Castro's failed economic policies, there is more poverty than ever before   

Children searching for food in Havana's garbage dumps

The foreign children who live or visit Cuba with their parents can play and have fun like all other normal children anywhere in the world

But instead of playing and having fun, Cuban children are forced to receive military training at an early age

Cuban children and their parents, sleeping outside their homes trying to escape from the heat, because there is no electricity to power fans or air conditioners. Castro blames the lack of oil for the continued interruptions in the electric power systems.

But how can that be possible when his puppet , Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, sends more than 90,000 barrels of oil daily at incredibly low prices? The answer is that Castro resells most of the oil that he receives from Chavez, instead of using it to benefit the Cuban people.

Cuban girls, victims of the 'sexual-tourism' promoted by the Castro regime, in order to obtain hard currencies

The playgrounds that the regime has built for the foreign children staying at tourist hotels have all the toys that a child could dream

But Cuban children have to make their own toys and use the streets as playgrounds, because there are no real playgrounds for them to play

A park ride for a foreign child

A park ride for a Cuban child

A pool for foreign children

A pool for Cuban children

Beach for foreign children

Beach for Cuban children


Haven't all Cuban children suffered enough?  Isn't it time for Cuba's children to be happy, like

Jose Marti dreamed.